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Spring Smile

How to Keep Your Teeth Safe During Spring

Spring SmileSpring is knocking on our door, and you may have an exciting list of activities all planned out.  While the weather is nice and the mood is fun, it is important to make sure your teeth remain protected and in good shape.  Dental emergencies can happen, and if they do, they can ruin the excitement of Spring.

Dr. Shervin Louie is a dentist based in Los Angeles who can provide effective tips to help you protect your smile.  If a dental emergency unfortunately comes up, you need to understand the steps needed to manage it.  Here are some notes you should keep in mind if you want to have a dental emergency-free spring.

If you have a knocked out tooth, be sure to save and hold on to it.  Place a cold substance on the teeth, you can use a cold compress or glass of milk.  Schedule a visit to Dr. Louie’s office and make sure you have the tooth with you. If bleeding occurs, bite on a wet towel or gauze.  It is important to schedule your office visit as soon as possible to increase the chances of the tooth’s survival.

Broken or fractured teeth can be managed initially by rinsing your mouth with warm water.  The affected area should be effectively cleaned to ensure no bacteria is present. Reduce any swelling by using a cold compress and call Dr. Louie immediately.

An accident can loosen a tooth.  If this happens, have the tooth examined by Dr. Louie as soon as possible. There is a chance the tooth can be re-attached, but this requires quick and decisive action.  Dr. Louie will ensure the root of the tooth is fine and not in bad condition.

If another person, such as a child, experiences a dental emergency, remain calm and take immediate action.  One rule to follow is that pain indicates an emergency.  Even small injuries can have long-term effects on the tissue.  Please contact Dr. Louie right away to have these situations resolved.