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5 Bad Dental Habits You Should Change At Once

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5 Bad Dental Habits You Should Change At Once

5 Bad Dental Habits dentist los angeles dr. shervin louieProcuring dental well-being is one of those essential good things which leads to an overall better body health as well. When you regularly brush your teeth, floss them, rinse your mouth twice a day and go to your dentist at least twice a year, you are doing yourself a great favor whose value and preciousness can only be ascertained by those who are suffering from any serious dental problems. But there is another side to this story, and it is the one which is often overlooked by even those who are following the above mentioned good practices. So, in this narrative we are giving some prestigious advises by Dr. Shervin Louie, a renowned dentist in Los Angeles, about 5 bad dental habits which most of us possess and they should be changed at once. Let’s learn what are those 5 bad dental habits that can destroy our dental hygiene significantly.

Bad Habit # 1: Taking The Work Of Tools From Teeth

Many people among us are prone to this bad habit. Dr. Shervin Louie reports that most of his patients who suffers from weakened tooth or fractured ones have some way or another used their teeth as tools. This means that people who use their teeth to rip or cut off hard materials such as small wires or price slips from wears, they are putting insurmountable pressure on the fragile enamel of their teeth. Some people are even careless enough to straighten a bent fork with their teeth. With this bad dental habit, you are exposing your teeth to severe danger of fracture or breaking them up. Avoid using your teeth as “tools” because they are simply not made for such a task.

Bad Habit # 2: Using Hard-Bristled Toothbrush On Your Teeth

Another very significant bad dental habit which the people usually succumbed to is using a hard-bristled toothbrush. “Actually, there is a very illegitimate and wrong concept linked to this habit where people believe that hard-bristled brushes do a very thorough cleansing of teeth. According to medical science, this is a completely bogus thinking and instead brings more harm to the teeth then improvement,” says the famous Los Angeles dentist Dr. Shervin Louie. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush is extremely harmful to both the gums and your teeth because the bristles brutally grind and worn off tooth enamel and soft gum tissues. Instead of a hard-bristled brush, use those that contains softer bristles and they are better cleaners and does not pressurize your gums and teeth.

Bad Habit # 3: Sucking, Crunching, And Grinding In Your Mouth

This is a bad habit which is also very common and overlooked by many people whenever they drink a cold coffee, tea, or beverage with ice cubes in it. What happens is that when we sip down the liquid, the remaining object left is the cold and chilly ice cube in the mouth. At once we start to play with by grinding, crunching, and sucking it in the mouth for an unusual period of time. While this can be an exciting and fascinating time-pass, but what we don’t realize is that this habit can cause damage to our teeth. The cold temperature and the hardness of the cube can effectively cause harm to tooth enamel and at times even minor fracture. Chewing off ice cubes, or other similar materials can trigger microscopic cracks on enamel’s surface which can gradually lead to bigger dental problems in your mouth. Dr. Shervin Louie further states that grinding down even the seeds of some fruits like apricots, guava, or peaches can also cause the similar kind of danger as mentioned about the ice cubes.

Bad Habit # 4: Tooth Grinding

It is probably the only condition which can be termed a medical problem as well as a bad dental habit. People usually find themselves grinding off their teeth (with or without knowing) either in anger, stress, or anxiety, also in a day or at night in sleep. This habit, or dental problem, is also known as Bruxism in which the patient chews away their teeth by grinding at night in sleep mostly. Grinding causes a variety of problems to your teeth such as destroying the protective layer at the surface and exposing your teeth’s inner nerves. This can eventually lead to pain in jaws, headache, neck, and in your back which can be very frustrating for anyone. To avoid such pains, you need to go to a professional dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, where you will be given a tooth guard which protects your teeth from the effects of grinding.

Bad Habit # 5:  Not Taking Proper Dental Care Measures Regularly

The last bad dental habit that can totally disrupt your overall oral health, as well as the bodily one, is to avoid taking care of your dental hygiene on all grounds. Dental health measures such as brushing, flossing, rinsing, and going to your dentist; if these crucial are not ensured, you will be putting your dental hygiene at greater danger. Recent studies have also suggested that poor dental health may lead to few other serious health implications such as heart attack and Alzheimer. Dr. Shervin Louie’s “dental health package” suggests five important dental health measures: Brushing, flossing, rinsing, healthy diet and dentist consultancy twice in 6-months. All of these essentials will not only ensure great dental health but also a great overall bodily health as well.