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Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health

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Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health

Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health dentist los angeles dr. shervin louieWhile brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth regularly are the essential activities to maintain your oral health at best, but the whole work does not only stop here. When it comes to diet, there are certain foods fit to keep your mouth in good shape while others are not, and that means you should avoid them as best as you could. Dental experts around the world advise and recommends certain types of foods that are enriched with those qualities that can be highly beneficial for your teeth and gums. Therefore, in this narrative, Dr. Shervin Louie – a well-known dentist in Los Angeles – will be advising you on which foods you should eat the most and which to avoid if you are serious about maintaining your oral health. So, let us see what lies in store for us towards a better and beautiful smile.

Here Are Some Best Foods For Your Oral Health -:

Green Tea:

While certain types of teas have certain impacts on our bodies, none can be equaled to that of green tea when it comes to the total health of our bodily system. Researchers have found out that green tea is not only good for overall body systems, but it is highly useful in giving teeth a longer life and cleaning plaque. People who drink green tea at least twice a day shall have lower chances of losing their teeth ever.


Milk comes as the holy grail of all good things for all living beings. So, for our dental health milk provides some great nourishment. It is the main source of lactose and calcium and both of these agents helps promote stronger bones, teeth, and healthier gums. Especially for kids, a regular milk diet can do wonders which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


This is the favorite antidote of Dr. Shervin Louie himself for keeping his own oral environment in healthier shape, as well as all other dentists in Los Angeles. Yogurt is extremely useful probiotic and protein agent which fights off harmful bacteria’s in your mouth and installs a new layer of good bacteria which is essential, according to the nature’s law, for the protection of our teeth.


Cheese is another very good dental protective agent which contains milk properties and calcium. It promotes nonacidic qualities in your mouth and thus saves a certain tooth decay after some time. Kids who eat cheese have lesser cavities issues than those who don’t. According to Dr. Shervin Louie, everyone should eat at least a few ounce of cheese every day in their diet to boost their dental health overall.

Vegetables & Fruits:

This is the greatest medium to ensure an overall bodily health as fruits and vegetables are nothing then good and the best. However, for dental hygiene, you should need to consult a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, in the case of any dental problems you may face while taking a diet of excessive fruits. Vegetables and fruits are good, let there be no doubt about it, as they boost good saliva flow in your mouth but certain types of citrus fruits can also damage your oral health because of acidic elements and excessive sugars in them.


Raisins are quite good as an oral health diet. They are high in fiber, contains anti-acidic elements, and have a special ingredient known as phytochemical which is antibacterial against a variety of plaques. So, they are a great product of nature to provide precious protection against germs in your mouth.

Conclusion ….

All of these foods, and various others that are not included in this narrative; but will be covered some other time, provides the essential health and safety to your overall oral health. But if you suffer from some serious dental health problems, make sure you do visit a dentist in Los Angeles to assess the intensity of your oral problems. You can also come to the clinic of Dr. Shervin Louie where you will get all of your dental issues resolved in a relaxed and sublime environment.

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Four Different Types of Teeth and Their Function

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four major types of teeth - dentist los angeles dr. Shervin LouieHealthy teeth are vital to oral health and play a major role in our ability to eat and speak, as well as our aesthetic appearance. Dr. Shervin Louie, renowned Los Angeles dentist, believes that everyone should know and understand the four main types of teeth, including their functionality and how to take care of them. This knowledge is essential to every person who takes a keen interest in maintaining their oral health. So, let us look at the four types of main teeth and what functions they perform.

Four Main Types Of Teeth

Humans have two sets of teeth containing four different types of teeth. These two sets are:

  • Primary
  • Permanent

Primary teeth are also called infant or baby teeth. These teeth erupt in infancy, then fall out one by one to make way for the permanent teeth. This process should be completed by age 12. Each set of teeth contains four distinct types of teeth. “These four types of teeth play a major role in your life,” states Dr. Shervin Louie, a dentist in Los Angeles. Let’s learn about them now.


Incisors are the eight teeth directly situated in the front and center of the mouth, including four teeth on top and four on bottom. These teeth are immensely important since we use them to take the first bite of food. They are meant for cutting, which is why their name is derived from the Latin word meaning “to cut.” These tend to be the first teeth to erupt: the primary set around six months of age, and the permanent set around age 6–8. Regular brushing keeps them healthy and strong.


There are four canine teeth in our mouth and these are the sharpest of all. These teeth first erupt between 11 and 20 months of age, and the permanent set should be in place around age 11-12. The function of the canine teeth is to tear food. Fun fact: human canines are underdeveloped compared to other mammals. Just look at your dog or cat’s strong canines for comparison!

Two canines are in the top row of teeth and two on bottom. Along with incisors, these teeth comprise the majority of visible teeth in your smile. So bad habits like smoking and chewing hard objects can severely damage them, and you may need to go to a dentist in Los Angeles for treatment. Therefore, brush and floss daily, and avoid bad habits to preserve these important teeth.

Different Types of Teeth


Premolars, also called bicuspids, are the next set of teeth behind the canines. They are used for chewing and grinding food into a softer consistency so it can more easily be swallowed and digested. Permanent premolars are usually in place by age 10-11.

Since these teeth are situated deeper into the mouth so that tooth decay is harder to spot, Dr. Shervin Louie, renowned dentist in Los Angeles, recommends thorough brushing and flossing to keep them clean of plaque, tartar, and bacterial infection.


The final tooth type is the molar. Our primary set of teeth includes four molars: two in the top row, two in the bottom. However, the permanent set, which appears at age 11–13, contains two more molars for a total of six. These extra molars are called the wisdom teeth. Not all people have them; their presence or absence is genetic. They erupt last, by age 20, and can cause many problems if your jaw doesn’t have room for them. Dentists usually recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to avoid jaw pain and crowding that pushes the other teeth out of place. It is theorized that wisdom teeth are an evolutionary remnant from when human jaws were larger and we needed more teeth to grind down coarse foods.

Humans are omnivores that can eat both meat and plant products. Therefore, in the human mouth, we see both sharper teeth that appear in carnivores like wolves and felines, plus flat teeth meant for grinding that appear in herbivores like cows. Both sets of teeth work together to effectively tear and grind up the food we consume.

Since teeth are so important to our appearance and ability to speak and chew, we recommend that you see a dentist at least every six months for a thorough checkup. Your dentist will perform a cleaning and examination, catching any potential problems early when they are easier to treat. Visit Dr. Shervin Louie, a well-established Larchmont dentist, for a checkup in the friendly and relaxing environment of his practice.

Types of Teeth

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Immediate Remedies To Deal With Oral Emergencies

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Immediate Remedies To Deal With Oral Emergencies

immediate remedies for dental health damageAn oral emergency can happen at any time anywhere. An oral or dental emergency may refer to any sudden damage caused to your teeth, gums, and or any organs in your mouth such as the tongue. In some cases, immediate remedies done at the time of the damage can help significantly to eliminate its effect on your dental health. However, there are some other types of damages which take months, or maybe years, to show off their side-effects.

The long-term effects on your oral health are mostly caused by your negligence in taking a proper care of your mouth. Things such as smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of regular brushing or flossing, all of these factors can affect your dental health in the long run. But in this narrative, we are focusing on the immediate damages that can be healed instantaneously by using some hands-on remedies. By the courtesy of Dr. Shervin Louie, a famous dentist in Los Angeles, let’s read about some hands-on remedies to sudden damages caused to your oral organs.

Some Fast Remedies For Sudden Damage To Your Oral Organs -:

Cracked Or Broken Tooth:

Well, to begin with, a case in which a tooth is either cracked or broken, the best person who can give the right treatment for this is a dentist. But it is not always a certainty that when your tooth got broken suddenly, you are either nearby a dental clinic or lives near one. It would take you some time to reach the nearest facility. In the meanwhile, what you can do for immediate healing and comfort (until you get to a dentist) is to apply some cold ice pack on the affected area after washing it with warm water.  This should keep off pain and avoid any bacterial development until you reach a dental facility.

Tongue Or Lip Bite With Extreme Bleeding:

While we eat, drink, or do an exploration inside our mouth with teeth sometimes, we often get a cut inside the mouth or on lips. In extreme cases, excessive blood starts to flow. According to Dr. Shervin Louie, “you should clean the cut and apply a cold compress on it. It will stop the blood flow from the bruise as well as lower the pain.” In the case of severe bleeding, you should see a dentist at once in an emergency.

A Loose Tooth:

If you found that a tooth is losing, this is a case of an expert professional dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, to see and mend. If you get to a dentist within the right time, he/she may be able to save your falling-tooth from complete dislodging as well. However, in the immediate aftermath of such an event, you can take a pain-killer and apply cold ice pack on the affected tooth gently.

Braces Damage:

In the case of a damaged braces, there is no other way except to visit your dentist at once, and in an emergency mode. Braces are made up of hard material and even the slightest dislodgment can cause severe damage to gums and teeth. However, one thing you can, while you reach a dentist, is to keep your mouth as steady and intact so you can avoid damaging your oral organs from the braces.

Painful Continues Swelling:

A continues growing swelling inside your mouth can be the early symptom of Abscess, a disease in which an infected puss grows in your mouth leading to severe systematic infection overall. “This is a serious condition in which a dentist must be seen at once,” states Dr. Shervin Louie, a dentist in Los Angeles. However, in the meantime the immediate remedy you can do is to rinse your mouth with saltwater since it will relieve pain and decrease infection for the time being.

Jaw Injury:

An injury to your jawbone is a serious matter. You should head at once to the nearest dentist or an emergency room in order to get treatment for the fracture. There is one immediate remedy to relieve your pain in such case is the application of ice pack on the affected area. It will decrease swelling and pain until you get a medical treatment.

Sudden Extreme Toothache:

If you are suffering from a sudden extreme toothache, Dr. Shervin Louie tells that the best instant remedy is to rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss in-between your tooth so as to remove anything causing the pain. If this method does not give you relief, you should best see your dentist for advanced treatment of the problem.

So, with all these immediate remedies for sudden damages to your dental health, you will be able to protect your oral organs before you get access to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie.

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Why Is It Important To Have A Full Dental Checkup Occasionally?

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Why Is It Important To Have A Full Dental Checkup Occasionally?

dentist los angeles why you should go oftenApart from regular brushing, flossing, and mouth cleansing, it is quite important for a person to visit a dentist often in a one-year cycle. A dentist is the in-depth expert of oral health and with their guidance, you can be able to save yourself from a lot of serious damages to your overall mouth. Although, most dentists recommend a visit to your dentist at least twice in every six months, but Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist in Los Angeles, tells you to go to your dentist more often. Much better in your favor would be the weekly visits to your dentist. There are some important reasons to do so which Dr. Shervin Louie will tell you as move on in this narrative. So, let’s head to the focal points at once to know why visiting your dentist often is helpful for you.

Why Are Full Dental Checkups Good For You Often?

There are a plethora of benefits you will get from checking in to your dentist facility as often as you can. Here are some of the top ones.

Oral Examinations -:

A dentist in Los Angeles, if you live there, is the ultimate place for you to visit in order to maintain your oral health at a 100% efficiency. The various assessments that a dentist takes in order to properly evaluate the dental health cannot be found anywhere else. One of the greatest benefit for an occasional meeting with your dentist is that you will know of any early signs of serious trouble in your mouth. This includes knowing about such serious diseases like oral cancer before it develops to a dangerous length. During the assessment, your dentist may also apply various methods in order to check the individual health of your teeth, gums, and other oral organs. If anything is found amiss, your dentist will be able to tell you remedies which will greatly decrease the chances of any serious issues becoming worse.

Polishing & Thorough Cleansing -:

While you can maintain the beauty of your teeth on a normal level with the home remedies you are in charge of doing, a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, will be able to provide you a thorough cleaning/polishing of your teeth for extra-shining and beauty. Dentists have special instruments specifically designed to clean deep-stuck tarter and plaque on the teeth which cannot be removed from regular brushing or mouth rinsing. A dentist also knows various methods that can remove other ugly stains which make you shy in smiling fully and confidently in the public.

Hands-On Oral Health Education -:

“There is no other person on this whole planet with whom you can speak about your dental conditions more openly, and get a concise education on it, then a dentist,” says Dr. Shervin Louie of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry Los Angeles. Not only that but a dentist is the only person as well who can guide you about a correct way of brushing, flossing, rinsing, or cleaning your teeth as well as several other ways by which you can increase your oral health. So, ensuring that you keep on visiting your dentist in Los Angeles as often as you can also ensure a greater dental health as well.

Therefore, these are some of the major benefits you shall receive if you promptly go to your dentist and take your dental health seriously. Although, from all that has been mentioned above, it does not in any way excludes the importance of regular brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing as they are the holy grails of oral health and a responsibility you have to do while you are on your own. So, do your work while you are away from a dentist and the occasionally visit one nearby to validate the authenticity of the care you are giving to your teeth.

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Maintaining Your Dental Health In All Ages

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Maintaining Your Dental Health In All Ages

Maintaining Your Dental Health In All AgesThis is true that you can maintain your oral health throughout your lifetime with specific steps/guidelines being given by an expert dentist in Los Angeles. In this article, Dr. Shervin Louie will be giving you some basic advice on how to maintain your dental health all lifelong in three phases: Infancy, adulthood and old age. If you care to follow these guidelines throughout your life, there is a higher chance and surety of avoiding all kinds of oral diseases that can destroy your teeth, gums, and other organs in the mouth. So, let us know what are some of the ways by which you can maintain your dental health supremely.

Maintaining Dental Health In Infancy -:

Caring for the baby’s dental health starts right from the time when a mother becomes pregnant. As stated by Dr. Shervin Louie to all of his patients: A pregnant mother should always eat healthy foods which mostly contains folic acid and calcium. Folic-acid and calcium makes the bones and teeth stronger as well as significantly decreases the risk of a baby born with palate or cleft lips. After the child is born, parents should daily wipe out the gums/teeth of the infant every time after feeding the baby with a soft damp cloth. This practice will keep off germs building on the teeth and gums. Your baby’s first teeth start to appear after 6-months.

By then, you can buy a soft toothbrush specifically built for a such a minor child’s teeth. Brush the teeth of your child twice a day with it, especially focusing on those places where you may see a yellowish plaque or any signs of decay. Unfortunately, a severe dental problem like tooth decay can even cause in such infant children of 6-months age, says Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist of Los Angeles. Therefore, it is best in the favor of the child if the parents become fully responsible for caring for their dental health since the earliest of the times.

Maintaining Dental Health In Adulthood -:

According to an official study, nearly a one-third adult population in the United States suffers from the disgusting tooth decay condition. What is appalling about this finding is that all of those adults who have tooth decay is because that they never cared to visit a dentist to get an early detection and the condition remained untreated. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, you should visit at once to the friendliest of dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie and he will treat you for any serious dental health concerns like tooth decay. Early detection is always the key in such painful dental conditions to cure them.

Adulthood is a very precious time in protecting your oral health overall. This is the age which is prone to get such ill-habits like smoking, drinking, or even drugs. All of these habits will not only damage your dental health but the entire bodily health as well. Smoking and alcohol are the main reasons for causing oral cancer, kidney failure, lung cancer, periodontitis, and several other severe illnesses concerning oral and bodily functions. To avoid these major ailments, quite smoking or using any other kind of substances that are harmful to your oral and body health. Brush twice a day and use mouthwash in the morning to kill the germs residing in your teeth. You can also do flossing as it is helpful in cleaning of food particles stuck between teeth.

Maintaining Dental Health In Older Age -:

People who live long, if they care for their teeth throughout their life, have a higher chance of surviving their natural teeth. Despite this fact, older people should need to go more often to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie. The reason is this that older people are more prone to develop oral diseases like periodontitis, tooth decay or several other dental diseases. The dentist will evaluate your oral condition and provide you crucial therapy/suggestions to maintain your dental health. Older people usually suffer from dryness in their mouth, which could be because of other medications they are taking. Dryness is the centerfold for the development of germs in your mouth which can lead to too many dental complications. The one and the only best cure for the old people is to keep visiting dentist in Los Angeles often to keep a check on their dental health or early signs of any serious ailments.

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Blue Toothbrush

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush To Maintain Your Oral Health

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when to change your toothbrushThere is a quite filthy truth about your toothbrush you might not know: They are a heaven for bacteria’s to reproduce their population comfortably. But you should not get afraid by knowing this truth about your toothbrush. Your toothbrush has an anti-bacteria quality in its material. Researchers have found out that as long as the brush is dry after usage, bacteria’s won’t stand a chance to survive in it. Additionally, the same study also found out that all of the germs which reside in your toothbrush – 10 million at least – does not make you sick at all. In other words, these huge quantity of germs are harmless and since you keep your brush dry after usage, most of them will be gone by the time you brush again. But despite this safe factor, toothbrushes have a limited lifetime of their own and it would be better to replace them before they become useless for you. Hear what Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist in Los Angeles, has to tell you about the maintenance and replacement time of your brush.

In What Time Period Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

The maximum time period before you changes your toothbrush is three months. This is not because of the germs but because of the wearing of the bristles on your brush. However, the bristles can wear out much sooner if you brush your teeth with a heavy hand. So, the blame cannot be entirely put upon the brush itself but the brusher as well. To get the best out of your brush and to prolong its lifespan, you should always brush softly with applying low pressure on your brush. It is also beneficial for your gums and teeth.

Among the most obdurate indications to check about the decline of your toothbrush is to see whether its bristles are going apart from each other. If the bristles of your brush are spewing in different directions, it is time to replace your brush at once. The toothbrushes of the adults might go on for a bit longer but the ones who wear out quicker are children’s toothbrushes. As a responsible parent, you should keep a strict eye on the brushes of your children’s to see if they have worn out as well and needs replacement. In the next paragraph below, Dr. Shervin Louie will tell you about some quirky tips regarding the maintenance of your toothbrush.

Blue Toothbrush

Some Tips on The Maintenance of Your Toothbrush

One of the best ways to ensure that your brush is kept safe at most is to tap it in water and leave it to dry in the air after usage every time. You should always store your brush in an upright position and strictly away from all other brushes in the house. The reason for this is because germs from other brush can easily creep into your brush. So, if a person who is suffering from some ailment can transfer germs it to your brush and can make you ill as well, states the reputed dentist of Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie.

You can also soak your toothbrush in an antiseptic cleaner to do away with the germs. The other way to clean your brush off the germs is to boil it in hot water for at least 10 seconds. So, with following these tips, you cannot augment the life of your brush but also keep it safe from germs. However, you should never forget to change your brush when the signs start to appear on its bristles as mentioned above. Additionally, you should visit your dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, to properly maintain oral health and to get tips on accessories related to your mouth.

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Best Night Time Dental Hygiene Guidelines

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Best Night Time Dental Hygiene GuidelinesOral health and shiny smile are synonyms to each other. You have to follow a very responsible caring routine for the maintenance of your oral health not just when you start your day but by the time you end it as well. Specifically speaking for the nighttime when your whole body is at rest, rest assure that this is perhaps the most active time for the bacteria’s in your mouth for waging their war on your teeth. If careful measures are not taken regularly before going to sleep, it can cost you your precious oral beauty and strength. Therefore, coming right from the expert advice of Dr. Shervin Louie (well-known Dentist of Los Angeles) are a few best night time dental hygiene guidelines exclusively to protect your teeth and to maintain your oral hygiene even while you are snoring in deep sleep. So let’s see what is it we need to do.

Brush Before Your Sleep

When it comes to dental care and hygiene, nothing equals the impact and importance which daily brushing of your teeth has. There are numerous benefits, not only in the morning but at night as well of brushing your teeth before you go to bed. First off, it cleans and eliminates the growth of plaque and tooth decay, both of which can are highly liable to develop during the time you sleep.
When we are sleeping, our body stops producing saliva and our mouth becomes dry. A dry mouth is like a heaven where bacteria’s can develop quite rapidly.

In such an environment, they reproduce fast and look out for nourishment (food stuck between teeth) and pounce on them like a hungry lion. If your brush before going to bed, these dirty organisms in your mouth won’t be able to find nourishment and could not attack your teeth. In doing so, the bacteria’s in your mouth releases Sulfur which is also the cause of getting bad breath when you wake up in the morning. However, brushing your teeth before sleep in a good manner will not only protect your teeth but also helps decrease this bad-breath Sulfur effect in your mouth.

While it depends whether you brush your teeth right after taking dinner or just before bed, one thing has been confirmed by Dr. Shervin Louie that it is beneficial in both cases. However, if you are suffering from any dental ailment then you should best pay a visit to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie himself, and get your conditioned evaluated professionally so as to have the best means to maintain your dental hygiene in the overall 24-hour period.

Using A Mouthwash

Using a mouthwash for the upkeep of your oral hygiene prior to sleep is another good option as well. Mouthwash rinsing helps with the freshness of breath, eliminates bacteria’s, destroys plaque, keeps gums healthy and make your teeth cavity-free. However, since there are many therapeutic types of mouthwash available in the market today; but which ones to use can only be decided by first knowing the condition of your mouth. Usually, a mouthwash does not provide any harm but in some conditions, it can cause you problems. That is why, often than not, mouthwashes are prescribed by the dentists after reading the conditions of your mouth. They can guide you which type of mouthwash can be used that will provide you protection but not harm. To know about the best mouthwash for your mouth, consult Dr. Shervin Louie in his dental clinic in Los Angeles.

Flossing Can Do Marvels

Flossing is another good option when it comes to the cleaning of your teeth comprehensively. Flossing is an activity which cleans the deep gaps between your teeth where a toothbrush normally does not reach. It is also recommended to be done at least once in a day by all the dentists around the globe. However, flossing needs to be done with utter care because improper flossing can cause serious damage to your gums or teeth, which in turn can become the basis of in-mouth infection.

The recommended way to do flossing by ADA is to use an at least 18-inch long strand, fitted in a C-shape stick which helps a smoother application over the teeth. Apply it carefully and gently at the top of your teeth and hence slowly push it in the gap between until it gets comfortably down in the deep. Now gently rub it back and forth until all the food particles are cleaned in the gap. Clean it and repeat the same procedure every day before going to sleep. In the case of any damage being caused, contact a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, and let the dentist take an examination of the bruise.

Final Word

So, with these best nighttime oral hygiene tips for you, provided by the renowned Dr. Shervin Louie of Los Angeles, you will continue to sleep in peace and still be able to give your mouth/teeth good protection against the devils of the night – bacteria’s –. Make sure you make this a habit of yours and there will be no obstacle coming in between your shiny, bright, and confident smile ever.

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7 Best Tips To Get The Most Beautiful Smile

Published Date

7 Best Tips To Get The Most Beautiful Smile

dr shervin louie dentist los angeles 7 best tips to get better smileEverybody has this wish! To get the most whitish, pearl, and crystal like smile that will make you look younger, fresh, confident, and not to mention sexy. However, such things are quite easier and under our grasp to get, but it requires some regular dedicated workout for our oral health like we do for our body with exercise. So, exclusively for you we bring the 7 most recommended tips to get the brightest & beautiful smile by Dr. Shervin Louie, one of the most renowned dentist in Los Angeles. In this narrative, Dr. Louie gives his best advice on how to get that dream-like bright confident smile which will make you the center of attraction everywhere you go. Mind you! These 7 best tips will force you to become a responsible person about your oral health and things that are regularly needed to keep it in an admiring state so proceed with caution now.

Daily Brush -:

This is the holy grail of oral health. It is also the oldest and proven time-tested method which alone has an impact rate of up to 50% success in getting the best smile ever. Regular brushing either once or twice a day keep all the bacteria’s in your mouth away. It also helps clean all the inner surface of your mouth such as gums, tongue, skin walls, etc. It freshens your breath and eliminates bad breath and save you from a tremendous humiliation while talking to someone. There is just more to the brushing story but for now, brush once or twice a day for at least 2 – 3 minutes to get the role-model smile.

Eat What Is Beneficial For Health -:

In other words, eat a healthy diet simply. The best for the oral health are those that are super-rich in calcium and the dairy products. Calcium makes bones/teeth stronger while Vitamin-C fruits increase overall oral health. Make sure your intake of such a diet should be a lot in your daily routine to get the best smiling features.

Woman with Beautiful Smile

Strictly Keep Away From Smoking Or Other Types Of Bad Substances -:

“Smoking kills! Not only your oral organs, but it kills you completely as a human being,” says Dr. Shervin Louie to his patients and audiences alike. Everyone in the world of medical science today is convinced on one thing that smoking, and or using other harmful substances, can drastically devastate a person’s oral health as well as it can cause life-threatening ailments such as cancer. An individual who smokes is four times prone to develop oral cancer than the non-smoker. Additionally, taking harmful beverages like alcoholic wine can also take away your dream of having that shiny smile of yours since it devastates oral health just like smoking. Solution? Stay away from these things.

Occasionally Go For Oral Checkup -:

Going to a dentist should be on your to-do-list at least twice a year. For the residents of Los Angeles, Dr. Shervin Louie would be honored to serve you for any dental needs. He is among one of the most reputed dentist in Los Angeles. Going to a dentist ensures safety for you before you got stuck in a worse situation. It can be as worse as to lose a few teeth from your mouth, and that would be something you do not want to suffer, right? A dentist will examine your oral condition and provide you recommendations if there is any for the betterment of your mouth. It will save you from getting caught up in an oral disease before its late to take any action to prevent it.

Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Flossing Can Do The Remote Trick -:

Dr. Shervin Louie of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry Los Angeles says that regular flossing is a habit which will ensure that the bacteria are widely dealt with in the remotest parts of your teeth where a brush cannot reach. Flossing is good when done once a day at least before bedtime so that all of the food particles stuck between your teeth are gone completely. This will save the teeth and gums while you sleep and bacteria will not attack them.

Cosmetic Treatment -:

This way is one of the best to bring on that beautiful smile of yours right back at its place. Cosmetic treatment can heal stained, crooked, or even missing teeth by repairing or putting a replacement in its place. Cosmetic dentistry is a science in itself and the heaps of cosmetic procedures we have today for the maintenance of our oral condition is a blessing. Ask your dentist about which cosmetic dental treatment should be best for your mouth and go for it.

Beautiful Smile

Natural Teeth Whitening -:

Mother nature is the most influential producer for all of our needs; we can assure you of this statement in all confidence. Therefore, there are many natural solutions to whiten up your teeth but the one which is personally preferred by the renowned Dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Shervin Louie, is to do a coconut oil rinse over your teeth. The essence lies in the lauric acid found in coconut oil which is an enemy of plaque-developed bacteria in your mouth. It also increases gum and overall oral hygiene of your mouth. Just apply a tablespoon of oil onto your teeth and let it be there for at least 15 – 20 minutes before you brush. See the result after a few days of responsible habit.

The Final Word ….

So, are these 7 best tips for the best smile better or laziness? That is a question whose answer lies in your action, but as far as the honest and free advice is concerned, Dr. Shervin Louie of Los Angeles has done more than his bit. So make the most out of these best tips for a brighter smile.

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Dentist Los Angeles

The Benefit of Visiting A Dentist Regularly

Published Date

The Benefit of Visiting A Dentist Regularly

Why See Your Dentist Regularly?

Your regular dental visits every six months, likely save you from acquiring many potential oral and head & neck-related conditions! That is why The American Dental Association and Dr. Shervin Louie from Los Angeles highly recommend you to visit your dentist every six months to keep on with healthy teeth and gums with an intact beautiful smile. While seeing your dentist can save you from lots of developing medical conditions – do not underestimate at home dental hygiene! Following a prescribed daily dental cleaning regimen at home helps improve management of your oral health, by for sure.

The Benefit of Your Regular Dentist Visit

During the dental visit, Dr. Shervin Louie asks questions to learn about your oral health practice, fluoride management, alcohol consumption if any, and eating habits in detail. This detailed investigation helps him to distinguish the real causes of your dental issues and decide for a right managing plan to cure the condition.

Regular visits for kids to our Dentist in Los Angeles are also imperative, as they tend to love high sugary intakes such as chocolates and yummy ice creams. These practices can generate enhanced oral acidic activities, and they become more susceptible to oral conditions that may trouble them in their future life even. Also, it is the best time to sort out their orthodontic dental issues such as curved or displaced teeth, as these matters can effortlessly settle in younger days without any complication and major dental procedures.

Models of Teeth

After reviewing your dental history, Dr. Louie starts investigating your oral health in detail, by evaluating the condition of your teeth and gums – primarily including examination of any indications of oral cancer, diabetes related dental complications and vitamin deficiency related dental issues, including bite, saliva, and your lower jaw joint (TMJ) movement. He then cleans your teeth and performs some dental procedures (if necessary) and stresses the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene at home, between the visits. He also carries out a detailed head and neck examination! Do not be surprised by this examination, as it helps to eradicate any head & neck issues in a timely manner which can save you from massive procedure costs later on.

He also removes the plaque and tartar if any, the key triggering element of dental issues for sure; they can build up in a very short time! Also, Smoking, certain food and dark beverages can stain your teeth and cause a bad impression solely based on your appearance. If not removed, plaque becomes tartar and is likely to irritate your gum tissue and leads to cause potential gum diseases.

Following is a list of several routines of a dental examination that our Los Angeles Dentist usually performs:

The Head & Neck Examination that may contain:

Detailed checkup of the face including your neck.

Inspection of your lymph nodes AND

Checkup of your lower jaw joints (TMJs)

The Dental Examination may include:

Next, Dr. Shervin Louie assesses your oral condition including examining your tongue, teeth, and gums:

  • Investigate your gums including looking for signs of any developing gum disease
  • Examination of loose teeth
  • Inspecting the tissues inside of your mouth including Probing the tongue
  • Examination of your bite and checking the contact between your teeth
  • Examining the signs of tooth decay and checking for broken teeth if any
  • Examining the condition of fillings if any
  • Looking for gums that covering your teeth
  • Assessing your dental appliance if any
  • Taking 3-D X-rays to explore any dental or gums related condition

The Clinical Dental Cleaning

  • Examination proper hygiene of your teeth and gums
  • Eradicating any plaque and tartar deposits
  • Flossing between your teeth
  • Polishing your teeth to strengthen the teeth enamel
  • Investigate your brushing and flossing techniques

Finally, when it is all over, he discusses the state of your oral hygiene with you and suggests the steps to follow to improve your oral health. Following his recommendations will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Above mentioned procedural details are sufficient for you to understand the value of your regular visits to a dentist. Seeing your dentist every six months, taking advantage of your routine examination and dental cleaning will help you to live a better life without the fear of developing any dental or head & neck related medical conditions. Never forget the routine visits to your dentist can help restore your sparkling smile that your friends tend to looking the most.


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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy By Maintaining A Regular Home Dental Hygiene Routine

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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy By Maintaining A Regular Home Dental Hygiene Routine

Dentist Los Angeles home dental care guideShiny teeth are a part of your delicate facial appearance; it supports your sparkling smile substantially. That is why Dr. Shervin Louie emphasizes greatly on a good oral hygiene regimen! Also, poor oral hygiene can lead you to a number of dental and medical glitches in the future that include different stages of gum diseases, gum infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes, and even some other head & neck-related conditions. Regular dental checkups and cleanings can prevent most of these problems at an early stage and offer you good oral hygiene as well.

In the lines below is a list of some Dental hygiene steps that our Los Angeles Dentist recommends to promote excellent oral hygiene.

Steps To Ensure Complete Dental Hygiene

Appropriate Brushing

Brushing is amongst one of the top home-based measures to help your teeth remain clean. The correct positioning of the toothbrush is imperative to acquire the right clean! Position the toothbrush with its bristles set at an angle of 45 degrees to your gum line. Bristles should directly contact the gum line and the tooth surface for proper cleaning, while brush movement should be back-and-forth, up-and-down! Always apply soft brushing pressure as hard or rough brushing may cause gum bleeding. Utilize brushing to clean the inner part of your teeth in a similar manner, as well. Finally, brush the tongue surfaces and the upper portion of your mouth to eliminate bacterial manifestation – it works to save you from bad breath issues.

Always brush twice a day. We recommend after breakfast and dinner to prevent oral acid buildup – the principal cause of bacterial buildup. However, for one reason or another if you are unable to manage twice a day cleaning regimen, use tap water to rinse your teeth after every intake. This will help minimize the food particles from staying in your mouth and triggering bacterial growth.

Regular Flossing!

Dr. Shervin Louie says, understandably, daily flossing looks bothersome and time-consuming! However, without a doubt, your little consistent efforts save you from lots of oral issues long term. It helps remove food particles that brushing cannot! It works to eliminate food particles between your teeth effortlessly. Once a day regular flossing is highly recommended.

Clean Your Tongue

Clean your tongue daily, by applying a specialized tongue cleaner! You can eradicate many bacteria that otherwise cannot be cleared. This bacterial manifestation can contribute to bad breath and trigger other dental health issues as well.

Quit Smoking

This step alone helps in two ways says this Dentist in Los Angeles.” One is to keep your teeth and gums clean from getting stained. A big plus is that it diminishes the chances of triggering oral cancer and other periodontal problems. Secondly, it can save you from the bad smell of tobacco. you may have noticed that smokers take a candy or bubble to overcome the tobacco smell before attending any meeting.

Quit Dark Beverages and Alcohol

The coffee, soda, alcohol and sugar intake may give you some personal satisfaction and sure – some of them may offer you essential minerals like phosphorus too that help improve your oral hygiene – but there is no doubt that they help stained your teeth. This is the big dental issue that affects your appearance. Stained teeth may force you to face some social or professional issues as well. Essences such as food dyes and corn syrup can make the appearance of your teeth dull and discolored. Thus, it is time for healthy drinking! Better to choose milk instead. It can fortify your teeth, shapes stouter enamel, support your healthy and beautiful smile. You can also replace your liquid intake amounts with water to hydrate your body extensively compare to those sugary drinks.

The Calcium and Vitamin Intakes Work

Calcium offers added support to your teeth and bones! Nothing can replace it for sure. Milk, yogurt, fortified orange juice, cheese, and other dairy products including green leafy veggies such as broccoli, all can improve your calcium intake. In the case of severe deficiency, our Los Angeles Dentist recommends calcium supplements to meet the required daily calcium. Calcium along with Vitamin D better maintain gum and teeth health. Vitamin B complex on the other hand also offers the protection to gums and teeth from cracking and bleeding. Also, zinc, copper, iodine, potassium and iron works to maintain healthy dental hygiene.


For those who does not want to compromise on their oral health, toothpaste can help eliminate bacteria from your mouth. Using mouthwash works to kill the harmful bacteria while reducing bad breath too. Listerine even gives a boost to your teeth as well. Following a recommended regular oral hygiene schedule, while eating well in addition to using mouthwash certainly can work magic for you.

Seeing the Dentist Regularly

It is imperative to visit your dentist twice a year to manage your good oral hygiene! It will not only help better maintain your oral health, but it also helps early detect any head & neck related medical conditions, which in turn saves you from substantial future expenditure needed to cure the worsened condition. These visits to your dentist also help restore your beautiful smile as well.

Dental discomfort

If you are feeling any dental troubles, visit your dentist as quick as possible, as undue delay only helps aggravate your condition further. Your dentist is the right entity, who can detect the source of your dental issue and start a proper treatment that works to improve your oral condition within the shortest possible time says Dr. Shervin Louie.

Benefits of Proper Dental Care

Proper maintenance with a regular hygiene schedule, works to reduce the risk of any dental decay. Its help maintains your beautiful looks and keeps dental bills at bay for sure. Many people on the other hand, are unable to understand the importance of a strong oral health regimen – unless they experience the unwanted pain and discomfort. Tooth issues can trigger diabetes, systemic infections, heart disease, difficulty with eating and swallowing, as well as other life-threatening medical conditions. Crooked and crowded teeth may contribute to gum diseases that can lead to tooth loss even says this well-known Dentist of Los Angeles. So, do it right and timely to avoid any oral complication down the road.

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