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Few Major Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

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Few Major Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

Few Major Causes Of Tooth SensitivityDo you find it suddenly painful in your teeth whenever you eat or drink something too hot, cold, acidic or even while brushing your teeth? If that is so, you are actually suffering from tooth sensitivity issue. In today’s narrative, Dr. Shervin Louie, a famous dentist of Los Angeles, will be telling us some of the major causes of tooth sensitivity and how to eradicate them once and for all in simple and easier means.

Some of these solutions can be easier to apply while in some you may need the help of your determination and devotion in order to maintain your dental health and avoid tooth sensitivity for good. For example, you might end up eating certain types of food or drinks (or other habits) that are favorite of yours to eliminate tooth sensitivity. But one thing is for sure, by following the guidelines Dr. Shervin Louie will provide us in this article, you will be going to get rid of tooth sensitivity issues forever. So, let’s see what we have on our hands here!

Tooth-Grinding or Bruxism -:

It is one of the topmost causes because of which tooth sensitivity develops in your teeth. Tooth grinding, which is medically diagnosed as Bruxism, is a form of a disorder related to the psychological system of your brain. When a person is a common patient of stress, anxiety or augmented anger, they usually end up grinding their teeth, either while awake or mostly in sleep.

Tooth grinding destroys the uppermost protective layer of your teeth and reveals the microscopic tubes which lead to dental nerves. In such a condition, whenever you take anything that is too hot, cold, acidic, or sticky, a sudden sharp pain or discomfort can be felt in your teeth. In order to have a concrete treatment of Bruxism, you need to visit your dentist in Los Angeles, like Dr. Shervin Louie, and they will give you the best ways to cure this disorder.

Tooth Decay -:

According to Dr. Shervin Louie’s experience in providing dental services in Los Angeles, one of the biggest factors he has seen in his patient for tooth sensitivity is a tooth decay, specifically around the edges of the teeth. However, this problem is usually with older patients whose teeth foundations naturally starts to rot by aging. But there is still a solution for the older people who complain mostly about tooth sensitivity.

The best thing one can do is to get the help of a professional dentist in Los Angeles for the replacement of the fillings of teeth. What this can do is to avoid the harmful bacteria to penetrate deep into the roots of your teeth where there are openings due to decay and eliminate your suffering from tooth sensitivity.

Brushing Harder Or With Harder-Bristled Brush -:

More often than not a tooth sensitivity can easily be caused by simply brushing your teeth harder or using a brush with bristles too strong to destroy its protective coat. As you continue to use the brush either in the wrong way or using a wrong one for your teeth unknowingly, it may wear down and destroy the protective coat of your teeth and expose the same microscopic layer which leads to dental nerves, as was in the case of Bruxism mentioned few paragraphs above. So, the best solution is to avoid using a hard-bristled brush as well as brushing your teeth softly.

Too Much Acidic Diet -:

“This can be termed as the least trouble-maker because taking such a diet will result in tooth sensitivity only if your teeth has lost its protective layer,” stated by Dr. Shervin Louie of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles. Acidic foods like lemon, orange, pickles, tomato puree, grapefruit and or other kinds of acidic items can cause pain in your teeth only if the outer layer has already been destroyed. In that case, try to avoid eating acidic foods until your dental health is completely restored.

Gum Diseases -:

Gums can easily decrease in health as you start to enter a mature age of 50 and above, especially if you didn’t keep up with the essentials of dental health. This can easily cause tooth sensitivity and if the culprits are sterner like gingivitis, check with your dentist as soon as possible to get a viable gum disease solution which will also cover the problem of tooth decay.

Extreme Tooth-Whitening Toothpaste -:

An innocent buyer may easily get trapped by the sultry advertisements given by many toothpaste manufacturers, telling you that their toothpaste is the best whitener you can get. Simply do not buy in this folly of adventurism because it may trigger numerous harmful impacts on your dental health, one of the most preeminent is a tooth sensitivity.

The reason is that many manufacturers force a plethora of teeth-whitening chemicals in their toothpaste which may cause harmful effects on the teeth of many people. If you are among them, consider changing your toothpaste and rather go for a more naturally made ones out there in the market.

Final Word …

So, with all of these major causes of tooth sensitivity in your teeth, following the advice of a professionally able and well-known dentist in Los Angeles like Dr. Shervin Louie may well boost and show you remarkable benefits of maintaining dental health. If your problem is still not resolved, give Dr. Shervin Louie a pleasure of your company in his relaxing dental facility in Los Angeles and avail benefits from his expertise on dental problems.