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Few Tips For The Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah just a few major holidays approaching fast. Are your teeth ready for the future damage we all know that’s going to take place? Staining of the teeth (maybe of all the red wine?), tartar build up from all the eating, maybe a broken tooth or filling because of the endless amount of nuts. Lets face it, we all love the holiday season but it comes to a point where all we do is eat and the most work we have is chewing.
Dr. Louie understands that this maybe the busiest time for you, seeing family and friends, flying out of town and not bringing all your “gadgets” that you usually use for your oral care. Dr. Louie knows all about it and heard all the stories that can happen within the months of October (Halloween) – February (because of Valentines Day). Let’s focus on the preventatives.

  • Teeth cleaned before all the chaos. I know it sounds crazy getting your teeth cleaned and then getting them dirty again after, Dr. Louie suggest you come in and get your regular cleaning, we use a more concentrated fluoride gel that helps prevent cavities to form. Scrape away all the existing tartar that forms around the gum area, so that after the Holiday season it won’t build up as thick.
  • Be thorough with your brushing and flossing. This will definitely help your oral hygiene, so stop hiding behind mouthwash and gum!
  • Water, drink lots of it. Especially for the wine lovers. If you didn’t know, wine stains your teeth. Dr. Louie suggests to either drinking water after wine or rinse, so the acids that’s in wine doesn’t stick to your enamel.

Now, let’s talk about what we can do when an existing problem is taking place. For example sensitive area around your tooth, there can be a few explanations on why it’s sensitive. Who better to diagnose your teeth than someone who works with it every single day, Dr. Louie is a professional who can tell you what is exactly going on in your mouth. Whether it’s from sensitive to a broken tooth, come in and let’s have the best Dentist in LA check it out. Ask him all the questions you may have, he’ll be more than happy to take the time and listen and explain. Being a former USC teacher, he loves to educate people and loves answering questions.