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How to Save a Damaged Tooth

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There are many ways that teeth can be damaged, including due to car or bike accidents, falling, sports, grinding teeth unconsciously, gnawing on pens, pulling clothes off with teeth, munching on ice, eating hard candy, chewing tough jerky, and the pits of fruits and vegetables. Or the harm to a beautiful smile could just be severe discoloration.

It is important to have Dr. Louie examine any damage ASAP to determine what needs to be done to repair or save the tooth.

A Chipped or Sensitive Tooth

If a tooth has been chipped and is painful or sensitive, Dr. Louie could create a customized veneer, a thin piece of dental porcelain, which is attached to the front to cover a minor crack and strengthen the tooth. Unlike most dental practices, we have a an iTero scanner that can produce this while you wait. He can also create an extremely thin veneer called a Lumineer, which requires less enamel to be shaved off the front compared with conventional veneers, which is done to keep a veneer from sticking out artificially.

Damaged Teeth from Grinding

If the damage has been due to grinding your teeth while you sleep, Dr. Louie can either manufacture a customized dental crown to cover the damage to each and protect them from further harm. He will also provide a personalized nightguard, a mouthguard worn while sleeping, which will stop the grinding (known as bruxism).

For some minor cases, such as small chipping, malformed teeth, gaps between them, or staining, these can be covered by a composite resin known as dental bonding. A shade is chosen and the bonding is applied, sculpted, and then hardened with a special curing light.

Infected Tooth Root

If severe pain is being caused by an infected tooth root, a root canal procedure can clean out the infected pulp, fill the canals with neutral material to prevent this from happening again, and restore the tooth. Contrary to the popular expression about painful experiences, “I’d rather have a root canal,” the procedure itself does not cause pain, it stops it. 

If you have a damaged tooth, call Dr. Louie to set an appointment for a full dental exam to determine what your best options are for restoring your full oral health.