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Los Angeles, CA Dentist Testimonials 2015


June 15, 2015

If I could give them more that five stars I would. Haven’t been to the dentist in 14 years and needed some pretty major work. I’m petrified about going to the dentist and they made me feel safe and very comfortable. Had my wisdom teeth roots removed today and still have a lot more to go but they are just perfection defined. Dr Louie and his whole staff are simply as good as it gets. No pain, tons of treatment options that the doctor himself reviewed with me personally over an hour. Will never ever think about going anywhere else. He actually just called me at 9pm from home to make sure I was doing well and insists on a follow up visit tomorrow just to make sure everything is just right. You can not get better than the good doctor and his amazingly awesome staff. Was never left alone waiting for anyone. The staff is happy to sit and chat with you to put you completely at ease. The attention to detail is first rate and I no longer feel uneasy about going to this dentist. PS the view from the practice on the 10th floor of the office building overlooking Hollywood is a nice bonus. Don’t bother going anywhere else!

Weeze L., Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)

March 2, 2015
Throughout the six plus years, I have received excellent care and first class professional services from Dr. Louie. All of the intricate and difficult treatments have been virtually painless. Dr. Louie thoroughly explains treatments and options.The entire staff are polite, friendly, very helpful and genuinely care about the patients.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Louie to others.

A.D., Los Angeles (Source: Yelp)

October 14, 2014 Interested in a few Veneers I was referred to Dr. Louie. From the moment I stepped in his office I was blown away by his exceptional customer service. Not only is he is super personable but he educated me every step of the way. I appreciate that Dr. Louie recommended Invisalign to me instead of Veneers, as keeping my own teeth would benefit me in the long run. I am elated with the results and how Dr. Louie truly invested his time to make sure I got the results desired. The staff is beyond sweet, professional, and they make you feel like family. I honestly looked forward to seeing these beautiful faces every time I come in. Look no further for your dentist!!

C.M. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

September 15, 2014 Dr. Shervin Louie is not just a skilled and fabulous dentist, he’s a lifesaver! I came in because I wanted to find a better dentist to take care of my routine dental needs after having negative experiences with a previous HMO dental group with a bad bedside manner. Dr. Louie and his staff took great care of me from the get go. He also realized that my prior dentist had committed a serious error, borderline malpractice, by charging me for dental work but not actually treating a cavity that had been there for some time. Dr. Louie helped me secure a full refund from the dentist (and a sincere apology over the phone!) and also took care of that cavity ASAP. Even better, he treats his staff and patients with respect, a quality that’s hard to find in a health services professional. Overall, he’s got great credentials, a beautiful office, and is just really really nice. I would recommend him to anyone!

D.C. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

August 1, 2014 I was referred by friends who had had veneers with Dr. Louie. I was impressed by the work and their smiles. I had veneers before and when 2 cracked and came off, I decided to try Dr. Louie. I am so glad I did! He made a substantive correction to my bite and my teeth are whiter and brighter. He takes the time to evaluate and consult with you as to the best look for your face. His staff are wonderful. They are patient, supportive, friendly and welcoming.

E.G. Alhambra, CA (Source, Yelp)

May 29, 2014 I have been to many dentists in my life but Dr. Louie sets the bar way up high and for long as I live, I will always go to him and make sure my family and friends do as well. A good dentist has to have two essential traits: (1) technical expertise; and (2) a keen aesthetic eye. Dr. Louie teaches at one of the top dental schools in the country (where he also graduated from) and is an expert on all matters related to dentistry including the latest techniques and advances (which is so important as technology updates on a faster basis than ever before). Then, he really is an artist when it comes to making the teeth look as beautiful as possible – our smiles are so important, they are the first thing that people see – and he is able to design and create a beautiful smile that looks perfect but natural. On top of that, he is one of the kindest and most genuinely standup professionals I have had the pleasure to work with (a true gentleman and family man ) and he has a gentle hand…very important to someone like me who is a baby about pain. Go to Dr. Louie, you will never go elsewhere again!

S.Y. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

May 18, 2014 I am so glad that I found this dental office. I moved to LA a couple years ago and was scared and intimidated to look around for a new dentist but am so happy that I chose Dr. Louie. I hadn’t been to a dentist in a couple years and him and his staff were so professional, courteous, informative, and just awesome. The office is pretty central in LA and worth the drive if you are not in the surrounding areas. His office took care of my wisdom teeth extractions (my first surgery ever) and they handled it with so much ease and comfort that I was in and out in an hour. Their dental hygienist is also amazing and she helped guide me to healthy gums and teeth. I will be coming back to Dr. Louie for years to come and have already referred several people to his office. All the reviews were spot on, whether new to the city or just looking for a new office, he’s the best there is.

B.D. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

April 29, 2014 I have been a patient of Dr. Louie’s for many years now and haven’t found the need to go elsewhere. Dr. Louie is an excellent dentist who is always dedicated to doing the best job possible. All of the work that Dr. Louie has done on my teeth (and there has been a lot of work done) has been excellent and I have never had a problem after the work has been completed. He is very meticulous and takes his time, which I appreciate. If there is something going on that he can’t take care of (like an implant) he will provide an excellent referral. Dr. Louie’s dental and administrative staff are also excellent and really kind.

R.P. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)

April 14, 2014 Dr. Shervin and his wonderful team are experts! They treat you like family! They answer all questions you have and they really want your teeth to look good as if it were their own. My experience with them really was one of the best dental experiences I have had. They make sure you’re completely satisfied before leaving and fix absolutely anything you ask or are concerned with.

T.K. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

March 12, 2014 The BEST! I felt very taken care of from the first time I stepped into the office less than a year ago. From great office personnel who figure out your insurance coverage for you to a recent courtesy telephone call from Dr. Louie the evening after he removed two old crowns for replacement. They are all about as thoughtful, and therefore, calming, as they can be.
I don’t know about you, but CALM is what I want to be when I go to the dentist.
Look no further.M.M. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp )

February 16, 2014 I used to be afraid to go to the dentist. Not anymore. Dr. Louie has the five qualities which make him an efficient pain killer : -a sharp mind -speed -knowledge -experience -a vey good and accurate hand

M.C. Hawthorne, CA (Source, Google )

February 12, 2014 Absolutely AMAZING!! My girlfriend had her veneer, installed by another dentist, it suddenly pop off mid dinner. I frantically called around every dentist on Yelp I could find, but even those still open, at 6:45, wouldn’t take anyone that late.

We called Dr. Shervin Louie and even though he had been working since 7AM he stayed open late while we rushed over.

They whole staff was AMAZINGLY kind and helpful even though in a panic we left the house without any of our insurance information. The staff at the front desk looked up all our insurance info while the doctor took his time and was patient and compassionate while clearly being amazingly skilled and thorough at his work.

All in all fantastic and comforting experience. We will be going back for all our dental needs. Cannot recommend enough!!

D.W. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)

February 10, 2014 I hate the dentist – but not this one. Dr. Louie and his staff are so nice they actually make the visit as pleasant as it can be for getting work done on your teeth. They are accommodating, understanding, and go out of their way to explain procedures, etc. Best part is my smile looks amazing. Dr. Louie did a fantastic job on my veneers – they look natural and take a few years off as well.

L.M. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)


Los Angeles, CA Dentist Testimonials 2013


November 20, 2013 What a find! I am so dental phobic. Dr. Louie and his staff are just the absolute best. They call and check in on me frequently before and after appointments. And after a recent procedure, my friend was running late to pick me up (I was doing sleep dentistry so couldn’t drive myself after coming out of anesthesia) and Dr. Louie actually drove me home… NO KIDDING.

I’m getting over being scared of the dentist and it’s all because of this awesome doc and his equally awesome staff. The best in town without a doubt.

C.L. West Hollywood, CA (Source, Yelp)

November 17, 2013 Dr. Louie and his staff are very professional and very very nice and friendly. I was having dental pain and left a message…Dr. Louie called me back himself, late on a Friday and got me right in on Monday… I’ve continued on with them for all my cleanings and any other work… The office is bright and clean and very welcoming and the customer service is very caring and top notch.

M.F. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)

October 30, 2013 What a pleasure it is to have Dr.Louie as my dentist. His staff reflects his great wisdom. Always satisfied with the results! My smile is bright and feel fantastic thanks to Dr. SuperCool Louie 😀 Thank you for my great results!

P.K. Beverly Hills, CA (Source, Google)

October 22, 2013 Dr. Louie is simply a wonderful professional. About 3 years ago I got veneers done in Spain. They are extremely thick, opaque and shaped in a way that is unflattering to my face. I can’t afford new ones at the moment but I was looking for a way to fix the ones I currently have because being so dissatisfied with my mouth was emotionally impacting my personal and professional life. I found Dr. Louie online, saw his great reviews and decided to get an appointment. And I just couldn’t be happier. He completely understood my situation and worked with me so we could redesign my smile just by shaving some of the veneers. The result was amazing. Huge improvement. He has a fantastic eye and knows exactly what needs to be done. When he does cosmetic work, he not only evaluates your teeth and the way the veneers (or crowns or whatever the treatment) would fit your mouth, but he also analyzes the way they suit your whole face, something which I feel is often overlooked but it’s so crucial. In addition to this, the staff is absolutely sweet and friendly and they make you feel completely at home. I kind of felt like I didn’t want to leave and just wanted to stay and hang out. Lovely people and amazing professionals.

A.L. Spain (Source, Google)

October 18, 2013 Best dental office I have ever been to. The staff is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. They don’t overcharge, and you get in and out very fast. The treatment is absolutely the best. So if you’re new to LA and looking for a dentist (as I was), then this is the place to go.

C.C. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

September 9, 2013 The short review: These are great guys. Go to them immediately; even if your teeth are perfect, just go to enjoy their view. The longer review: it’s odd that five stars should mean “loved it” when you’re talking about a dentist appointment since visits to the dentist are commonly regarded as torture. But that’s not why I didn’t go for 20 years. Who’s got the time? Not me. It was gonna be a financial burden too. Also with me, unless I’m crippled with excruciating pain that makes my eyeballs bleed out of my skull, I don’t do anything about anything. then last year I got married and that’s what got me thinking if I don’t do something about my teeth soon, I may get pregnant and then I’ll have the best excuse of all (babies, the ultimate time and money drain) to NEVER do anything about the horrific state of my mouth. 20 years of abuse, you can imagine. I was apprehensive about two things going in:

1. Was I going to be judged about the horribleness of my teeth? 2. How much was it going to hurt? Here are the answers: 1. these guys aren’t judgmental at all. I guess if you’re the type to act judgy, you should find another line of work. Everyone there is fun, adorable, sweet and do their best to talk you out of anxiety (mine was pretty high). 2. The stuff I thought was going to hurt didn’t and the stuff that hurt didn’t hurt that much. I don’t think my pain tolerance is high. Anyway, Dr. Louie numbed basically my entire head so I didn’t really feel much aside from “pressure”. Lots of pressure. It’s an odd feeling – not exactly pain.

Don’t let fear of pain keep you away from the dentist, especially this guy. Dr. Louie has a well practiced hand; gentle but firm and he asks for constant feedback and gives it, too. It’s about as ideal a setting for a dentist visit as you’re likely to get. And if you’re still afraid of pain I think they can dope you up, too. For me I probably could’ve done with something to ease the tension like a couple tequila shots, but it went away soon enough. The not knowing was the worst part.

S. M. Sherman Oaks, CA (Source, Google)

August 15, 2013 I have had a fear of dentists my entire life until I found Dr Louie. I love Dr Louie and his entire staff! I had an enormous amount of work done through out the years and it was all done as comfortably as possible with me knowing exactly what was happening with each step of the process.

B.Y. West Hollywood, CA (Source, Yelp)

August, 6, 2013 Dr. Shervin Louie and staff are extremely efficient and provide top notch service. From, teeth cleaning to implants, Louie and staff provide excellent information and care. He really knows his stuff and he’s very good at making you feel comfortable and at ease. Loving my dentist and his staff is a hard thing for people to believe, but I do. This office has amazing assistants who are not only very good at what they do but are all very kind, patient and helpful. I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism from every office employee. The dental treatment I received was far above my expectations, too. Every Doctor should model his/her office after Dr. Louie’s. They actually treat you like you matter to them. What a refreshing experience! I continue to look forward to many years of care at this office and recommend his services highly.

B.N. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

July 25, 2013 I went to see Dr. Louie today and had a wonderful experience!

The receptionist (Ica) was very nice, and made sure I was comfortable in the waiting room, although I didn’t have to wait for long. Dr. Louie was friendly too, listening patiently as I explained my situation (I’ve had braces twice already, and unfortunately, need them again. Make sure to wear your retainers!!).

After looking at my teeth for a few minutes, Dr. Louie explained that I would definitely need braces, and could even go with a few brackets instead. Because he only does invisalign, he wouldn’t be able to help me, and I greatly appreciated his honest consultation. He could have easily given me an invisalign treatment that doesn’t work; instead, he referred me to another orthodontist.

I still have a dentist, but whenever I’m ready to switch, I will definitely come here again.

S.Y. Hollywood, CA (Source, Yelp)

June 3rd, 2013 Where can i even begin……

Dr. Louie is simply wonderful !!! I magically found him on a google one day looking for cosmetic dentistry and he was one of the top ones to pop up. Checking his reviews, everyone claimed him to be wonderful so i decided to check him out.

I am a 18 year old girl with still a lot of baby teeth (maybe 6? strange, i know) and i had always been very insecure about my smile, as my smile was very gummy and my teeth made my smile look very awkward. Dr. Louie listened to my concerns and had gave me multiple options of either implants or porcelain veneers, and suggested that i get veneers as he believed that was the best option. Veneers were quite expensive, but Dr. Louie had helped me out TREMENDOUSLY financially. He is amazing and without his help and skills, i would not be able to have these beautiful teeth i now have!! My teeth now look so natural and perfect, and i get compliments everywhere i go on them! I feel so much more confident and it is all thanks to dr. louie and his amazing staff (who are all so so so so nice)

N.G. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Google)

April 22nd, 2013 Being English it is mandatory not to go to the dentist for decades at a time. This misguided cultural tradition finally took its toll and I required extensive dental work to make my mouth healthy again.

Suffering from dental anxiety, Dr Louie and his staff did everything they could to put me at ease. I required two IV sedative appointments and the anesthesiologist Dr Louie works with, Dr Rosenblatt is amazing. The last appointment was done with no IV and I can honestly say the 4 hours whizzed by with no pain or discomfort, the end result being a mouth that feels healthy and clean again after so many years.

I can’t thank them both enough for helping me to get through what had become a serious problem. I highly recommend Dr Louie to any one who is looking to find a new dentist.

J.K. W. Hollywood, CA (Source, Google)

March 18, 2013 When one of my upper molars broke, leaving a sharp fragment above the gum line, I was dreading a painful tooth extraction that I expected would leave me in agony for a solid week or more. However, I absolutely had to see dentist right away, so I did a web search and decided to give Dr. Louie a call. I spoke with Angela, who answered all of my questions in a friendly, professional manner, and, best of all, she scheduled an appointment for me right away. When I arrived at the office, Dr. Louie’s assistants Mina and Alla took x-rays and prepped me for the procedure, explaining each step along the way. Their high level of competence and concern for the patient’s comfort really put me at ease. Dr. Louie reviewed the x-ray results with me, and outlined all the possible treatment options clearly. His administration of anesthetic was by far the most skilled I have ever experienced—at no time during the procedure did I feel any pain whatsoever. And, much to my surprise, the extraction took only a few minutes to perform. Dr. Louie and his team are true professionals who really know what they are doing, and I give them my highest recommendation.

S. T. Hollywood, CA (Source, Yellowpages.com)


Los Angeles, CA Dentist Testimonials 2012


December 28, 2012 Being severely dentist phobic my teeth aren’t great,but,Dr.Louie and his wonderful staff are amazing at making sure the whole ordeal is as painless and easy as possible! He doesn’t lecture you on what you haven’t done to take care of your teeth he just puts you on a path to want better teeth!

Thank you SO MUCH Dr.Louie and staff for making my experience a good one! You WILL see me again!

T.L. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)

November 27, 2012 Dr. Louie was very knowledgeable and caring. He made me feel very comfortable, which is a lot considering he performed a crown on me after a root canal! His staff is very friendly, helpful, and will assist you in figuring out how to finance your dental work. I recommend him highly to all my friends and co-workers.

Dr. D.L. Los Angeles, CA

October 31, 2012 Dr. Louie and his team are the absolute best!!! After spending years looking for the right dentist for my case in Texas (where I live) I began to branch out. I needed 2 crowns, dental implant, and crown lengthening and 8 veneers. And after seeing many bad cases of veneers I was VERY picky and knew I wanted VERY natural looking ones. I also wanted to make sure my dental implant had no graying under the gum. I began to look at dentists in IL, NY, and CA. I found a few doctors in CA so I decided to fly in and set up a few consults. After meeting Dr. Louie and his team I knew he was the right doctor. Not only was his work in a league of its own but Dr Louie and his team are extremely helpful and SO nice!!! After leaving my consult I went back to TX and set up my first appointment. Anytime I had questions or concerns about the procedure, Dr. Louie made time to call me back ASAP to answer them. In fact, even before I scheduled the procedure he would call me back and answer questions!! I had a very difficult case that, because of healing that needed to take place, expanded over several months. I just had the last step in the process (the veneers) a week ago and I can not believe how amazing it all looks!!! Not only that- I had no complications, no infections, and barely any pain at all!!!! For the first time in my life I am able to smile with confidence and not put my hand over my mouth. Dr Louie and his office gave me a priceless gift! I have already recommended him to all my friends in LA!!! A lot of people thought I was crazy to travel all the way from to TX to go get my teeth done but once they saw the results everyone said they completely understood!!! He is truly an artist 🙂

M.D. Mineola, TX (Source, Yelp)

August 30, 2012I came to Dr. Louie after years of dental anxiety had left my teeth in a very sorry and embarrassing (not to mention painful) state. His manner, and that of his staff, quickly established a comfort and trust level that allowed me to go forward and commit to doing all the work I needed, which was a monumental commitment. I had a wonderful experience over the next few months, as Dr. Louie and his staff made me feel comfortable in the dental share. And more important, the results are spectacular. I am so glad I found Dr. Louie.

D.E. Los Angeles, CA

August 2, 2012If you are one to have anxiety when visiting a dental office, well fear no more! I can tell you that Dr. Louie and his exceptional staff are very kind and accomodating. Quality work and honesty is what you will get here. If you have any concerns or questions in general, don’t be shy they will be delighted to help you. Trust me they will. 🙂

I went to Dr. Louie for a consultation and informed him that he was my first of several area dental consultations. I will be honest, I was looking for the best deal monetarily speaking but guess what, I came back because you can’t put a price on your health and the level of comfort you feel with your doctor/dentist. In the long run, the quality of work will save you money.

Staff and Dr. Louie are so cool that you will probably want to hang out with them outside of the office. Haha, well maybe in my case. 🙂 Cheers!

L.D. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yelp)

July 18, 2012Finally, I have found a great dentist! First off, the staff is awesome! Everyone is so friendly and personable. I had two badly infected wisdom teeth that were causing a lot of discomfort. I had put off getting my wisdom teeth pulled out because I was absolutely dreading the process of teeth being pulled out of my mouth. Not only was Dr. Louie able to see me and evaluate the severity of my condition, he was able to do the extraction, and I promise you, considering the bad shape my upper wisdom teeth were in, he made sure I was comfortable, and worked extremely fast. He saw me promptly at 1pm and I had everything done by 3pm. I have the bottom two that have to come out still, but now I’m not dreading going back. Thank you Dr. Louie and your incredible staff!

M.L. Hollywood, CA (Source, Yelp)

July 18, 2012I’m new to the area and I called before they were actually open. They were so accommodating and nice! The staff was awesome and from start to finish it was really a great experience. Easy to locate and the view of Hollywood from the offices are priceless! I would definitely recommend!

S.C. Atlanta, GA (Source, Yelp)

May 2, 2012Dr. Louie has been our family dentist for over ten years. He has taken care of all our dental needs, so that we all have beautiful smiles and healthy teeth!!!!!! Not only is he a perfectionist and gives his patients the ultimate care, but He and his staff are some of the most genuine, warm and caring people I have ever met!! thank you so much !!!!!!

A.S. Santa Monica, CA

April 26, 2012They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.

S.A Los Angeles, CA

April 20, 2012
Their office was one of the quietest, most peaceful places I’ve ever visited. I was able to relax very easily. They have some of the cleanest dental equipment I have ever seen. They make an extra effort to make sure they only use the best for their patients. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I’ve ever seen. They really go above and beyond to make me feel special. I’ve never been anywhere that seems to care more about their clients than here. I don’t think I have ever been put on hold here for a long time and am so impressed with how quickly all of my questions are answered. There’s nothing worse than having to wait on hold for a half an hour just to get someone to talk to you. I highly recommand Dr. Louie.M.J. Los Angeles, CA

April 5, 2012
I booked an Invisalign commercial and Dr. Louie was the one who fit the Invisalign for the spot. I had been looking for a regular dentist, when he noticed a cavity and offered to fix it. Being the dentist phobe that I am, I was apprehensive, but he did such an amazing job, I’ve been coming back ever since!! He’s a great dentist, and his staff is so wonderful, you feel like you’re part of their family.K.H. Los Angeles, CA

March 26, 2012
Dr. Shervin Louie and his exceptional staff have provided the most thorough dental care I’ve ever received. From the first meeting with Dr. Louie, I was aware of his intention to repair and restore health to my damaged teeth and gums but I was not expecting the level of expertise and caring that he would demonstrate. I recommend Dr, Shervin Louie without reservation.D.C. Los Angeles, CA

March 25, 2012
I had been going to a dentist in Beverly Hills since 1986 who did great work and I was very comfortable with until my business moved from Hollywood to Burbank in early 2005. With much trepidation I started looking for a new dentist closer to my Hancock Park home. I started going to Dr. Louie about six years ago and during that time have had my lower front teeth successfully straightened with invisalign and had veneers done when I chipped my front teeth. Dr. Louie did an amazing job, making the most natural looking veneers I have ever seen (and earning much praise from my daughter who is an endodontist and a perfectionist). Dr. Louie takes great pride in his work and I can’t say enough about how great his staff is. They are friendly, professional and always make you feel comfortable. Truly a special group of people.P.E. Los Angeles, CA

February 22, 2012
Dr. Louie and his staff are all very nice and helpful. The atmosphere of the office is comfortable, friendly & will put you at ease. With Dr. Louie you can feel confident you are getting comprehensive and quality treatment.D.B. Santa Monica, CA

February 20, 2012
Being a patient of Dr. Shervin Louie for the past twenty years i can truly express deep appreciation for his professionalism he has shown to me and my family. He cares about each individual patient as his own family and that’s evident by follow up telephone calls he makes to the patient after major work on the patient. He is a stand out among his peers in; keeping the appointment; explaining the extent of the work being performed for each session; courteous; and most of all experience . Seldom will you find such high quality dental health care else where.R.A. Los Angeles, CA (Source, Yahoo)

February 16, 2012
I’ve been seeing Dr. Louie for about 8 years, after a tooth cracked a bit from grinding. I’ve had some fillings and a crown since then. I haven’t had any problems with the work he’s done. No issues with pain, either. I feel confident that I have a knowledgeable and experienced dentist. The staff is great. Susan does a great job cleaning my teeth and advising me how keep them healthy. Mina just took my x-rays, and was very conscientious and caring about the discomfort of those x-ray things that you have to hold in your mouth. Angela sets up the appointments and takes the payments. She’s very sweet, professional and helpful.B.G. Los Angeles, CA

February 14, 2012
I’ve been seeing Dr. Louie since 1996. He has done six crowns on my teeth. An amazing and superb dentist. My daughter saw him for cosmetic work. He made her smile perfect. His entire staff are friendly and professional. My highest recommendation. Do yourself a favor and make Dr. Louie your dentist.S.W. Moorpark, CA (Source, Google)

February 6, 2012
Fantastic LA dentist. I’ve been going to Dr. Louie for years and love him and his staff. I always feel like I’m being taken care of and never feel ripped off like you may feel from so many other dentists in the area.L.A. Hollywood, Ca


Los Angeles, CA Dentist Testimonials 2011


December 5, 2011
My former dentist retired, and Dr. Louie took over his practice. Dr. Louie was a relatively new dentist at that time, but I gave him a chance. I’m glad I did. He has performed a variety of services for me over the years, including crowns, implants, bondings and routine care. I have great confidence in his abilities. He is knowledgeable, up-to-date on dental techniques, and considerate of his patients. In the evening after a significant procedure, he calls me at home to check on me. When issues arise, Dr. Louie responds quickly to make sure I am satisfied. He identifies developing dental problems before they become serious. He gives advice and discusses options without being pushy. He’s not inexpensive, but he’s worth it. I live in the San Fernando Valley but make the drive to Larchmont because of the care and attention I receive. And his staff is great; comforting, friendly and competent. Highly recommended.M.T. Tarzana, CA

November 27, 2011
I needed to have a cavity filled but kept on pushing it off. When I finally got around to doing some research on dentists, I found my way to Dr. Louie’s office through a good friend’s referal. Having always had an uneasy feeling in the dentist chair and the anxiety that accompanies visiting the dentist, I found that Dr. Louie and his very wonderful and gentle staff made it much easier for me to return for regular care; something that I had always pushed off! Not only am I returning for regular dental care, but I have already scheduled appointments for each of my daughters and son.A.L. Woodland Hills, CA

November 3, 2011
My dentist-phobia has finally been cured! Never have I ever looked forward to going to a dentist, but it’s hard not to love your dentist visits when they are filled with friendly smiles and a comforting environment. I have been going to Dr. Louie for a little over a year now, and I could not be happier. This whole process started when I wanted to get some work done on my front tooth, I had chipped it my freshman year of college, and I was worried that the half-dead tooth was going to cause a problem.I probably visited over 5 different dentists for consultations, and I felt that Dr. Louie ranked #1 in terms of professionalism, honesty, and patient care. Other dentists suggested extra work, going to a root canal specialist, additional x-rays, etc… the list can go on and on. Dr. Louie cut straight to the point, and gave me several options as to how we can proceed. We worked together as a team, and discussed the steps we need to take to get my perfect smile. He made me feel like my input and feelings were taken into consideration, and I felt really safe doing such an important procedure under his watch.

During the procedure, Dr. Louie took his time in explaining every step of the process. I think it’s great that I was so well-informed of what was going on, and he frequently checked in with me to make sure that I was doing alright. You will never be left in the dark with Dr. Louie, every patient is knowledgeable of the procedure’s length of time, possible side effects, long-term consequences, as well as the financial plan. You are his #1 concern when you are in that chair, and your well-being is of he utmost care. He will always call you later that night to check-in with you. I don’t know of any other doctor that goes the extra mile for his patients like Dr. Louie does.

Highly recommended for those of you that want to overcome your fear of dentists (like myself), Dr. Louie is a cure-all.

S.Z. Los Angeles, CA

Oct 17, 2011
I called Dr. Louie’s office after finding them on my iphone just to get my teeth whitened and wound up staying with them. Their clinic is very professional, clean, and in a great location for me. The ladies that work there are very sweet and courteous, and great with meeting my scheduling needs. Dr. Louie is the best dentist I have had and I will continue to come back.B.S. Los Angeles, CA

October 11. 2011
Dr. Louie and his staff are so kind and helpful. They handled my concerns about getting Invisalign with ease and didn’t mind fixing my mouth pieces when my dog stole it as a chew toy. I highly recommend them to anyone considering Invisalign or just a regular check up!R.R. Los Angeles, CA

October 04, 2011
The very best dentist I have had, period (and I should know, being a Scotsman with a terrible habit of eating ‘sweeties”, with the consequent oral chaos that I have engendered!). Shervin is a consummate professional – he is always using the latest materials and technology. He is very good at helping me plan for future dental work like implants etc. He is sensitive to my pain and truly the best at explaining what the problems are with my teeth and how we should tackle them. He is the best investment I have ever made in my mouth. His staff are excellent: very professional, friendly and helpful. I wish I had more to spend on his practice since his work is solid and lasts… after 12 years with him caring for my teeth, all the implants and crowns are in tip-top shape.M.S. Los Angeles, CA

August 18, 2011
Dr. Louie has been the best dentist for me and my family, we have been going to him since we were kids. He is an expert and a professional who is gentle and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you sit in the chair. The office staff and the hygienist are caring and friendly . Both doctor and staff make sure all your questions are answered . I would recommend Dr. Louie to anyone, as I am confident that they will be 100% satisfied with Dr. Louie and his amazing staff.N.A. Los Angeles, CA

August 15, 2011
In the mid-fifties I became a dental patient of Dr. Robert Willey and was with him til he retired.
Dr. Ronald Kaiden took over his practice, and I stayed on with Dr. Kaiden. Both dentists took excellent care of my teeth.In 1999, Dr. Kaiden retired and I again inherited a skillful, considerate dentist in Dr. Shervin Louie.

Since I am 80-plus,plus, I credit all of them, and their staff, for preserving my teeth so well.
I do hope Dr. Louie does not retire for many years to come since I do not want to break in any more dentists.

J. R. La Crescenta, CA

August 10, 2011
Having been a patient of Dr. Louie’s for many years, it was time to do something about my smile. It was something I had put off for some time. The procedure required a number of steps leading up to the final product. During the appointments, I was treated with great sensitivity, professionalism, and consideration for my feelings. I am relieved now that I can smile with confidence and that the final product looks very natural. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Louie to any friend or confidant.L.B. Los Angeles, CA

August 02, 2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Louie’s for a long time – since Dr. Louie took over for Dr. Kaiden. Dr. Kaiden was the best dentist I ever had. Really great. But then Dr. Louie came along and raised the bar. He is a consummate professional and his team is the nicest, most helpful group of people I’ve ever met in the medical professions – the follow through is outstanding and the concern for patients is top notch. When I moved to NY many years ago I couldn’t bear to change dentists – so I keep coming back, 15 years later. He bends over backwards to accommodate my schedule. He constantly adds new and better technology and I have never had anything but a favorable experience with him. And on top of it, he is just a very nice person.C.W. Chicago, IL

Aug 1, 2011
Honest dentist. Doesn’t recommend unnecessary dental procedures, but tells you when something needs to be done. When I read other reviews, I went to see Dr. Louie for a second opinion after a dentist told me that I needed an extensive and expensive dental procedures. Dr. Louie educated me and gave me other options. Since that visit to his office he has continued to take care of my teeth. I trust Dr. Louie and have referred many of my friends and relatives to him.B.H. Los Angeles, CA

July 20, 2011
Gentle people. It is with pleasure that I write this review for Dr. Louie. I have been a patient for at least 22 years. Dr. Louie took over the practice from Dr. Kaiden when he retired and I have always been satisfied with the professional care I received from both dentists. Dr. Louie as well as the office personnel have been always kind, considerate, friendly and professional. The office is always clean, well lit, and maintained. I do not hesitate in this recommendation and urge you to call or write should you need additional support.J.G. Los Angeles, CA

July 13, 2011
I am a dentist chicken. I usually pass out when I get Novocain. I went to Dr. Louie and had a cavity (yikes!). As usual, I was terrified when the needle came out, but Dr. Louie was so nice and gentle, I didn’t even feel it!!! And he got me to relax so much, I almost felt brave. Dr. Louie’s the best!K.H. Los Angeles, CA

June 29, 2011
Dr. Shervin Louie has been caring for me for the past 11 years. We have gone through many technical processes to get to this point and always with care and concern for comfort, alignment, and long-term positive results. Dr. Louie calls in the evening of a procedure to make sure that a patient is comfortable and he shows by action that he is available to deal with any concerns.The office personnel, hygienists, and Dr. Louie have always been professional and thoughtful in their care. It should also be noted that the level of sophisticated equipment and technique that he brings to his practice, perhaps emanating from his work as an Adjunct Professor at USC’s dental school, help make Louie’s own work exemplify the best that can be anticipated in a dental practice.

I and my wife are very pleased to have Dr. Louie as our family dentist. He has always been professional and more than capable in handling our individual dental needs.

J.M. Los Angeles, CA

June 20, 2011
Dr. Louie and staff are super friendly, extremely professional and explain everything thoroughly. He is highly skilled with the latest techniques and equipment. My periodontist said the work he has done on my teeth is the best of the best! It’s my teeth and I want the best, I am so happy to have found it in Dr. Louie.N.H. Los Angeles, CA

June 17, 2011
I went here because of other reviews. I had not been to the dentist in years and became paralyzed at the thought of being scrutinized and fearful of facing my poor dental health. If you have these issues or others, RUN don’t walk to Dr. Louie’s caring dental practice. So technologically equipped, non-judgemental, ang genuinely nice, caring skilled people. I can sleep again at night and am going to look great. Minimal discomfort and willing and able to do what it takes to make the procedures painless and 100% perfect. Dr. Louie educates and spends time explaining all.Not cheap, but worth your trust and hard earned dollars. This will be lasting dental care.

M.VG Los Angeles, CA

May 31, 2011
Dear Dr. Louie,You are a terrific Dentist. I like to call you the Michelangelo of sculpting beautiful teeth. For me, you are the gold standard of dentistry…. And your staff of beautiful assistants : Mina, Alla, Angela and Susan are always a pleasure to look at and talk to.

I look forward to many more years of the first rate professionalism you provide to me and all others.

AB Santa Monica, CA

May 24, 2011
For 10 years, I’ve trusted my teeth to Dr. Shervin Louie and his staff. Everyone is great. Believe me, I am a tough customer, and if something were amiss, I would not still be their client. Through their through care, I have been happily smiling my way through the last decade – and I hope to continue doing so for many more years. And, most importantly, when my insurance coverage (if you can call it that anymore) changed and I got less covered by going to Dr. Louie, I didn’t change doctors. It wouldn’t be worth the hassle – why?I.A. Los Angeles, CA

Mar 26, 2011
I was one of Dr. Louie’s 1st patients and the only reason I was his patient was because he took over the practice of the previous dentist who had been my dentist since high school. So, initially I was very skeptical, but his good advice, excellent work and consistent ability to keep my teeth happy for a competitive price has kept me there ever since. I hope he never stops practicing!M.K. Los Angeles, CA

Mar 1, 2011
Amazingly friendly staff (Angela) greets you at the door and on the phone. Dr. Louie is never in a rush, always the perfectionist. I got Invisalign here and he didn’t give up my canine that just wouldn’t budge. He was super patient and worked with it until it finally came around, one year later! Mina (his asst) is super gentle and sweet. Hygienist puts me at ease and gives me tips on how to have a better (pain-free) visit. Only thing bad is the paid parking lot below but I think it’s worth it overall.S.L. Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 17, 2011
It is my experience, having had lots of dental work with many dentists on both the East & West coasts for several decades that Dr. Louie is the best dentist I’ve ever had.He is patient, easy to talk to and sensitive to one’s needs and concerns regarding dental work. Needless to say, his dental results are beyond compare. In short, a first-class dentist.

The icing on the cake regarding Dr. Louie’s practice is his outstanding, friendly, knowledgeable (and attractive!) staff.

From a very satisfied Dr. Louie patient,

R. B. Los Angeles, CA.

January 26, 2011
Dr. Louie was recommended to me by close family friends. I was looking for a great dentist to put veneers on me. The family who recommended him adored him and had veneers as well which nobody would ever be able to tell. My grandma and I set up an appointment with him and fell in love right away. He is extremely knowledgeable and such a kind man. His staff is the best, too. Dr. Louie advised me to get Invisalign before I got veneers so I could fix my over bite, he wanted my teeth to look perfect. I am really happy I fixed my bite before putting on the veneers because I do not have an over bite anymore. The Invisalign changed in drastically and made my teeth look 100 times better. I had Invisalign for 6 months and then got the veneers on. I absolutely LOVE my veneers. My teeth are barely shaved down (everyone says you have nubs if you get veneers- not true). I have seen people with veneers and they are very noticeable. I have never seen more natural looking veneers, between mine and other patients he has had when I looked at pictures to pick the ones out I wanted. I get compliments on my teeth and smile all the time and nobody knows they are veneers. I could not be happier! Dr. Louie and his staff did a fantastic job and I am so glad I chose him to be my dentist. No questions were left unanswered. Dr. Louie is a perfectionist and absolutely loves his job and I believe it really shows with my veneers. I urge you to go to Dr. Louie for any future dental work in your mouth. I have not one regret and love everyone at his office and my new teeth of course!M.O. Newportcoast, CA

January 06, 2011
Dr. Louie and his staff are fabulous!!! They handled this anxious patient with great kindness and care. Dr. Louie makes procedures that could be painful as painless and comfortable as possible. The view from your dental chair isn’t all that bad either. You look out on the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood sign. Do yourself and your smile a favor and go visit Dr. Louie.J.B. San Gabriel , CA

2010 and Earlier

Los Angeles, CA Dentist Testimonials 2010 and Earlier


November 30, 2010
Dr. Louie is an extremely prestigous and professional dentist who always makes his patients and their concerns his first priority. His staffs are very warm, welcoming, and caring. After getting to know me, they all understood me as an individual and worked with me as if we were family. They have digital radiography which gives about 90% less radiation than the traditional method. They can even take pictures of your teeth which show up on the computer screen right after so you can see things more clearly. They also have convenient hours just in case you can’t leave work. I had the privilege of going through invisalign treatment with Dr. Louie and am extremely satisfied with the results. Invisalign is easier than traditional braces to maintain. You take them off when you want to eat/drink and brush/floss. You can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about food getting stuck. You still have to perform good oral hygiene at home and go for your routine teeth cleanings and make sure to keep the aligners clean. I highly recommend this alternative to braces!M.S. Los Angeles, CA

September 9, 2010
Dr. Louie is a fantastic Dentist.I came in after approximately 20 years of neglect and Dr. Louie and his staff transformed a disaster area into the perfect smile.

Yes Dr. Louie is a fantastic Dentist. But the real reason to go to Dr. Louie is his support staff. They are as professional as they are caring and accommodating.

Alla, Angela, Colette, Mina, and Valentina, these ladies are the real jewels in Dr. Louie’s crown.

D.H. Los Angeles, CA

August 25, 2010
Dr. Shervin Louie has been our family dentist for the past twelve years. He has seen us through normal cleaning, caps, root canal work, an implant, and general dental care. He is caring and kind and aware that a patient may have fear of the work going on in one’s mouth. He is patient and careful, so careful that I usually double my time on the local parking meters since he takes longer than he initially indicates. As he checks his own work, he is self critical to the point of making sure no one could do the dental care better.The office has seen stability in staff and the people he employs know your name and spend time speaking and sharing while doing their work.

We share complete confidence in Dr. Louie’s professional expertise and approach to our dental health.

J.K. Los Angeles, CA

July 12, 2010
Over the last few years since I became a patient of Dr. Louie, I have had considerable dental work performed. In fact, over this period of time I have had my entire mouth redone, resulting in a beautiful smile. All the dental work is excellent and Dr. Louie and his assistants are experienced professionals who are concerned for the well being of the patient during the work. All the staff are extremely courteous and helpful and I would most highly recommend Dr. Louie for his aesthetic and problem solving approach to dentistry.P. E. Los Angeles, CA

July 7, 2010
Having been to many dentists over the decades of my life, I had been receiving adequate but not great dental care. To prove it many fillings contained metals and were leaking, and at least 2 crowns were in bad shape after a mere 8 to 10 years. When I began visiting Dr. Louie, all that changed. He began replacing the fillings with high grade material that did does not contain metal and which match the color of my teeth. One by one he replaced the crowns and recommended new ones which previous dentists might have missed. He takes meticulous care in his work, and the results give vivid evidence of that. I cannot overstate that his quality is really top notch. His services are not inexpensive, but how can you put a price on your teeth and your health? An added bonus is his staff are highly professional, and charming too.‎A. B. Los Angeles, CA

May 21, 2010
I had veneers on top and bottom front teeth plus a new bridge on the front teeth. And I am so thrilled with the results! Dr. Louie completed his work in 3 sessions! Though I was referred by my sister, brother-in-law and friend to see Dr. Louie, I was still pretty nervous about getting this dental work. But Dr. Louie and his staff, Alla, Mina, Colette, and Angela are such a great team! They treated me with such warmth and kindness and gentleness. And Dr. Louie always advised me to raise my hand if I felt any pain, so that he could ensure that I would be comfortable. He took the time to listen to me. And he always explained what he was about to do. And after each session, Dr. Louie would call me in the evening to check on how I was doing. I was feeling so self-conscious about the ugly bridge on my top front teeth and the crooked discolored tooth on the bottom. And now you would never even believe that I have a bridge and my teeth, top and bottom, look beautiful! The color looks natural and much healthier. And I have my smile back thanks to Dr. Louie! Actually, I should have done this years ago. It’s amazing how much better I feel about myself. And I truly appreciate how I was treated by a very special dental team!T. D. Pasadena, CA

February 8, 2010
After knocking my two front teeth out as a 10-year old child, I had constant problems throughout my life. About 10 years ago, one of my fake front teeth began loosening, coming out, and getting progressively worse. I was avoiding the cost and time of dealing with an implant and associated procedures until finally deciding to buckle down and get something done last year. I was referred to Dr. Louie and I am extremely happy for that referral. Dr. Louie’s staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They made me feel as though I was a VIP throughout the year that I visited their office (almost every two weeks). In the end, I required Invisalign braces, an implant (performed by Dr. Anson, another excellent dentist/surgeon), two new crowns, multiple fillings, and more. I was made comfortable throughout, and was constantly impressed by Dr. Louie’s commitment to providing the best possible care. He never wanted to cut any corners, and ensured that my final results were fantastic. Obviously, this was not inexpensive when all was said and done, but especially considering that these are my two front teeth, I am very pleased with my investment. I will now have a great smile and strong, healthy, beautiful teeth for the rest of my life! If you are looking for a commitment to excellence and an incredible staff, call Dr. Louie’s office. Thanks to you Dr. Louie for all your work!J.P. Sherman Oaks, CA

February 3, 2010
Before visiting Dr. Louie, I hated my smile. My comment to Dr. Louie was that I wanted to be able to smile again without putting my hand over my mouth to hide my horrible discolored and disproportioned front crown performed by a previous dentist. I was miserable and felt my self-esteem was suffering from it. I needed to do something. And I’m glad that I did. Dr. Louie and his staff made me comfortable through every procedure. Every detail was reviewed. Dr. Louie’s work is exceptional and without a doubt he’s a perfectionist at best. The money spent, was well worth it. I’m smiling again because Dr. Louie and showing off my beautiful teeth to anyone and everyone who wants to see them. I’m thanking heaven for Dr. Louie!J.B. Whittier, CA

February 3, 2010
I had ground down my teeth over the years to the point they were flat and my bite was at an angle. This affected not only my chewing but also made my TMJ pain worse. Dr. Louie and his fantastic staff did a total mouth reconstruction in 4 visits. Not only did I get nice beautiful teeth that anybody would be proud to have, but the pain from my TMJ is much better. The experience was very pleasant with the help of the Anesthesiologist and the caring touch of Dr. Louie and his staff. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have nice looking teeth and a great bite. The pain improvement from my TMJ was an added bonus. Thank goes to everyone in Dr. Louie’s office!R.A. La Quinta, CA

December 8, 2009
Dear Dr. Louie:I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise as a Dentist, and for targeting and diagnosing the problems I was having with my mouth and teeth.

I appreciate and value your advice and the treatment options you offered me in order to correct the problems with my gums and teeth. For example, the removal of the mercury fillings from my teeth and replacing them with better materials have given my mouth a better appearance, and has also eliminated the possibility of mercury leaking into my gums. In addition, by recommending changing my removable bridge to implants and straightening my teeth, my mouth feels better; I have a better appearance, and I no longer have to remove and clean temporary bridges. I really appreciate the natural look of my upper dental bridges.

Dr. Anson the implant specialist who did the dental implants did a wonderful job, and both of you make a great team. Thank you for recommending Dr. Anson.

Finally, thank you for your excellent and professional work and for the professionalism of your staff.


P.W. Los Angeles, CA

May 12, 2009
I went to Dr Louie about a year and a half ago with unbelievably bad teeth. Dr Louie did a detailed Examination and gave me the break down of what needs to be done…I had to wear Invisalign for 6 months because my teeth were very crooked and I got them aligned and got the teeth bleached and got my teeth deeply cleaned and got my Gums cleaned and had numerous filling and in the end I got 10 veneers and transformed my smile forever and I couldn’t be much happier with the results…Not only I got a brand new smile but for the 1st time in my life I have healthy and strong teeth. I use to have bad breath and my gums use to bleed while brushing but that’s all history. The thing I liked the most about Dr. Louie was his passion and his positive energy to motivate me and educate me about the whole procedure and it was pain free. I visited him almost every week for the whole year and got to know him really well and I could instantly tell that he simply mean well. His staff is extremely friendly and their main goal was to make my trips comfortable and they all did a hell of a job. I almost miss going back there since I spent so much time there and got to know everyone very well. It was almost like I was in a dental school because the information I learned from Dr. Louie will help me maintain my teeth for the rest of my life and even though that my particular case was expensive, but I think that this is the best investment that I have ever made in my life. It feels really good to have a great smile and I am finding out new meanings and differences from before and after everyday. Thanks Dr. Louie for all your hard work! You are the Man with the Masterplan.A. A. Los Angeles, California

November 30, 2008
Dear Dr. Louie,Four implants and a beautiful smile. I had a full upper denture with which, of course, I had to use dental adhesive (mostly paste). Although I could eat most foods, certain ones were difficult to chew and off limits — but I really loved my denture. During the consultation, Dr. Louie explained an important dental fact to me — an ordinary denture alone could not preserve the bone structure of my upper jaw — and slowly but surely even the facial structure would change. Besides protecting the architecture of my jaw, my implants allow me to eat foods like apples, steak, and even nuts. My particular implant denture is no longer a full palate denture but a “horseshoe” which allows my real palate to come in contact with food. I can now savor the taste of many more foods — and I hadn’t even realized that until now!! Add to all of this, my implant denture is nearly permanent, since I do not remove it except to clean it. I am in the process of learning how to speak properly with the implants. I suspect I am a little more demanding than some others since my profession (a college professor) makes communicating very important and requires that I be able to enunciate clearly. — And, good progress is being made. Dr. Louie and Dr. Anson make a wonderful team. This is my second series of implants with this competent and kind partnership — and I couldn’t be more pleased!

C.M. – Los Angeles, California

November 12, 2008
Dear Dr. Louie,This is a thank you to you for giving me back my love to smile. One of the most wonderful compliments to receive is to have someone tell you, “You have a beautiful smile,” They say that now and I happily smile and say, “Thank you Dr. Louie.” Thank you for your amazing talent and caring.


M.B. Los Angeles, California

October 28, 2008
Dear Dr. Louie,As a young woman I had very good teeth, but the years are not kind to a smile. By the age seventy my teeth were unrecognizable from my former self. Thanks to you and your staff I have my old smile back only it is much better. Everyone tells me I look younger, and I just smile.


C.P. – Los Angeles, California

February 20, 2008
Dear Dr. Louie:As a woman at the tender age of 39 I had to come to terms with the fact that I would have to lose seven of my front teeth due to advanced gum disease etc. Pretty scary stuff. I went to another dentist in Los Angeles and was told I wouldn’t be able to have implants and if I did they would look too long due to gum shrinkage. I was looking at wearing a temporary appliance for the rest of my life. Now I’m really frightened.

I was referred to Dr. Louie and from the day I first met with him I stopped being scared. His attitude was so positive that I walked out excited about what my new teeth would look like. It was a long road and a lot of work but with Dr. Louie’s wonderful mix of professionalism, thoroughness, perfectionism and humor I was able to get through what could have been a traumatic and stressful experience.

Other dentists were daunted by my case but not Dr. Louie. He was determined to give me a smile that would be lovely and natural. When everything was done my happiness was matched only by how proud Dr. Louie was of his work. He should be – I look pretty darn good and these new teeth will outlast me!

Also, I can’t forget his wonderful staff. Everyone was so friendly and they made me feel comfortable and secure from day one.

Thank you Dr. Louie and your staff for everything. I can honestly say I now look forward to going to the dentist!

All the best,

T.L. Burbank, California

January 25, 2007
Dear Dr. Louie,It had to have been a surprise when the new patient from the trendy and expensive area of Los Angeles opened her mouth and revealed teeth that looked like she had been living a life of poverty in a Third World country. Due to a combination of genetics, neglect, poor health and plain stupidity, the majority of my teeth were either missing, cracked, badly stained or visibly decayed. It had taken 10 years, but I had finally gotten to the point that I had to either overcome my extreme fear of visiting the dentist or never again be able to look at myself in the mirror.

Instead of throwing up your hands and showing me to the door, you calmly and convincingly told me not to look back and assured me that you would come up with a plan to fix my teeth and that the process would be as painless as you could possibly make it. Little did I know I was putting my fate and my mouth in the hands of probably one of the most skillful and knowledgeable dentists in Los Angeles. Five short months later, after a combination of veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental implants, I can honestly say that not a single actor who attended the recent Golden Globes awards had a nicer smile than I have. I know because I checked everyone of them.

Thank you, Dr. Louie, and your wonderful, caring, and professional staff for giving me back my positive outlook and smiling face. There really aren’t sufficient words to tell you what a difference you have made in my life.


J.K. Los Angeles, CA

February 27, 2006
Dear Dr. Louie:I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service provided by you and your highly competent staff.

You will recall that I was referred to your office as I needed significant oral reconstruction done.

Your professional demeanor along with your expertise and empathetic approach gave me the reassurance that all would be well.

Today, I have a beautiful smile, great functionality of my mouth and most off all I feel 20 years younger!

Thanks to you and your team for the outstanding services provide. It is a great feeling for me to know that I am being cared for by highly competent professional folks who truly have a passion for what they do.

I look forward to many years of professional relationship with you all.

I will be sharing my experience with several of my friends.


E.S. Los Angeles, California

January 19, 2005
Dear Dr. Louie:Thank you very much for giving me a smile to be proud of. I am so pleased that I had the dental work. It took quite a long time, but was well worth it.

It also made me realize that art and science plus skill are all part of dentistry and your expertise in this field should obviously be well recognized by your colleagues and patients.

You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful staff including your hygienist. I find they are always friendly, most kind and caring people.

Once again, thank you and all the best.


A.G.D. Los Angeles, California

August 25, 2004
Dr. LouieDuring 2004 Dr. Shervin M. Louie completely transformed my smile. How good it is to know that my teeth look wonderful.

When I met Dr. Louie my upper teeth showed the effects of years of dentistry in three countries. Not only were the many crowns of different colors, but the teeth were slanted and uneven. Dr. Louie patiently explained what could be done, and what would result if action wasn’t taken fairly soon.

The work took some time, but it was evident to me that Dr. Louie was a perfectionist, and that nothing but the very best would be the result. There were x-rays, impressions, and, of course, time in the dentist chair, but a great effort was made to ensure that no pain was experienced and that I was completely at ease. I was even offered the chance to watch a movie!

Dr. Louie works with the assurance of a competent, experienced dentist, skilled in his specialty of restorative dentistry. He is assisted by an extremely efficient team of friendly staff that willingly and immediately provide anything needed by either Dr. Louie or the patient

The result is quite amazing, as the new teeth look very, very real, and disappear into the gum line, just like real teeth. The time and expense spent for the new teeth were well, well worth it.

My thanks to Dr. Louie and his staff for my new, beautiful smile.


P.M. Somis, California

June 16 2004
Dear Dr. Louie,Just a Brief note, on the eve of my trip to England, to thank you and Dr. Louie for being so helpful and accommodating towards my sister.

As we all know, there is nothing worse than toothache!, and thanks to your efficiency, Dr. Louie was able to provide Helen with excellent advice and great deal of comfort.

Knowing the somewhat parlous state of Dental Industry in England perhaps Dr. Louie will give some consideration to opening a practice there!

Thanks again!

B.M. London, England

February 10, 2004
Dear Dr. Louie,I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my incredible dental restoration. The difference in my appearance and my dental health is remarkable. You were able to rebuild what would have taken years of orthodontics corrections. I had no idea and therefore didn’t realize how difficult this project must have been. My results are a testament of your skill and knowledge.

As a corporate image consultant and professional speaker, my appearance is directly connected to the success of my business. Clients must have confidence in my credibility and knowledge in my field.

My gratitude and appreciation is only exceeded by my beautiful smile!


S.A., Quartz Hill, California

October 11, 2001
Dr. Louie:On the wall of your waiting room there hangs a plaque from the American Dental Association whereon you are named one of the finest practitioners in the United States. This award was reassuring to read as I awaited our first meeting and now that I’ve completed our adventure in restorative dentistry, this insufficient note is my personal ratification of the ADA’ s confidence in your extraordinary abilities.

Your own expertise and that of your warm and professional staff have brought about results that exceed expectation and our doctor-patient relationship has comforted me throughout the process. Thanks to you and your office, my smile and my personal and professional lives have markedly changed for much the better. It means more to me than words can say.

The American Dental Association knows a fine dentist when they see one and so do I. Thank you, Dr. Louie.


R.H. Los Angeles, California