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Root Canal Los Angeles

Root Canal Therapy

When your teeth experience a severe infection, one of the most effective solutions is a root canal therapy. Root canals extend from the tip of your tooth to the root. They can become infected by disease , which can cause consistent pain.

Root canal procedures preserve your dental health and improve the appearance of your teeth. They prevent more costly procedures such as extractions. Numerous patients concerned by the potential side effects that a root canal procedure can cause are apprehensive about seeing the treatment through.

Modern root canals however, are essentially painless and can be administered with pain-relieving medications or techniques.

The procedure begins with the numbing of your teeth. After this process, an opening is surgically created on the teeth’s surface. Once the root has been exposed, the doctor gently cleans the area out and removes any decayed tissue or bacteria. Antibiotic material is used to ensure negative bacteria have been cleansed from the teeth.

A dental filling will then be applied to restore the root area. A crown can also be an alternative to fillings. In most cases, the exam and root canal procedure can be completed in a single visit.

Los Angeles root canal specialist Dr. Shervin Louie provides restorations for teeth that have been severely affected by diseases or decay. Call our office today to schedule an appointment if you are looking to receive a root canal therapy.