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5 Hazardous Activities for Your Oral Health

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At Smile in LA we specialize in helping our patients get to that A-List smile that seems so elusive to everyone but top-notch celebrities. Achieving the smile you’ve always wanted is not as impossible as it seems, no matter what your circumstances are to begin with.

We provide general and cosmetic dental procedures that help bring out the best in you, while at the same time laying the foundation for a bright future full of good oral health.

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However, there are some activities (whether they be extracurricular or everyday activities) that might be jeopardizing your smile.

Read on for a few activities that put your oral health at risk that you should try to avoid.

1.) Combat Sports

Combat sports can be hazardous to your smile, but not as much as other activities we’ll discuss below. The reason is that, when people box, do MMA, or participate in any of the other combat sports out there, they tend to wear mouthguards and safety gear. But just know that every time you step in the ring or the octagon, you’re putting your smile at risk.

2.) Hockey

If you asked 10 hockey players to flash you their grill, you’ll likely find that more than one of them have a compromised smile — some might even be missing multiple teeth. It’s quite common considering the elbows that get thrown around, the cross-checking involved with the sport, not to mention the fact that the referees (in professional hockey, anyway) still let the players fight each other.

3.) A Hard Night of Drinking

We’ll take it away from sports for a moment and talk about the damage you can do to your smile after a night of drinking. Whether you’re drinking wine, liquor, or beer, whatever you partake in is either laced with sugar or harmful acids that eat away at your enamel and can cause cavities. A big problem is many people go out on the town for hours on end and imbibe adult beverages that mount an assault on our oral health. More than a few weekend warriors out there might also skip their oral health routine at the end of the night and head straight for the pillow. Also, one last thing — no opening bottles with your teeth!

4.) Brushing Improperly

One big mistake many patients make is that they don’t know how to brush properly. A common misstep is brushing immediately after you eat. When we consume food and beverages and brush shortly after, we end up working harmful acids into our teeth that erode the enamel. Instead, wait 20-40 minutes for your mouth to neutralize the acids in your mouth, then go ahead and brush.

5.) Basketball

Even though the sport keeps gaining in popularity, it’s important to be aware that playing hoops can put your oral health at risk. One reason is that people generally shortchange basketball when it comes to physicality. In reality, basketball is one of the most physical sports out there.

Even with rules that some might say soften the game, there’s still an amazing amount of pushing around that goes on in the paint. Players even throw the occasional elbow while jockeying for position for a rebound. Another big problem is that many players eschew the idea of wearing a mouthguard. Luckily, more and more high profile players are wearing mouthguards. It’s the smart thing to do — many of these players spend tens of thousands on their teeth. It’s a good idea to protect the investment!

If you engage in any of the activities mentioned above on a regular basis, it’s important you keep a close relationship with an oral health professional.

Smile in LA is in the business of keeping our patients in the best of oral health. Give us a call today and we can help you make an amazing transformation, or give your smile the routine maintenance it needs to last for the long haul.