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5 Reasons to Try Lumineers

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Are discolored teeth, chipped teeth, or large gaps in your teeth standing between you and your goal of having a perfect smile? Then perhaps you should consider Lumineers. Lumineers dental veneers can improve your smile and boost your confidence by filling in unwanted gaps, reshaping chipped teeth, and giving you a permanently white, bright smile.

Read on for 5 reasons why you should try Lumineers:

1. Lumineers are the thinnest and strongest dental veneer available.

Lumineers are thinner than standard porcelain veneers and are shaped to fit over your natural teeth. Because Lumineers are very thin and translucent, they reflect light in a way that looks natural and blends nicely with your smile.

2. Lumineers do not require any grinding-down of your natural teeth.

Lumineers are designed to fit over your natural teeth with little-to-no grinding of the natural tooth surface. By preserving as much of the natural tooth surface as possible, patients are less likely to experience temperature sensitivity – a common complaint from patients with traditional porcelain veneers.

3. Lumineers offer patients pain-free cosmetic dental restoration.

Lumineers are applied to the teeth in just a few short visits to the dentist office, often without the need for local anesthetic. And there is no need to wear temporary veneers between appointments. Lumineers are considered prepless, painless dental veneers.

4. Lumineers can last longer than traditional porcelain veneers.

Because of their durability and resistance to chipping and staining, Lumineers can last for up to twenty years – twice as long as traditional dental veneers – with proper dental hygiene. Plus, patients can eat almost anything that they want. They can chew gum, eat hard or sticky foods without worrying that their Lumineers will be damaged.

5. Lumineers can be safely removed without lasting damage to your natural teeth.

Because your natural tooth and its enamel are perfectly preserved during the fitting process, Lumineers are completely reversible.

With Lumineers, the perfect smile is now closer than ever before. If you are interested in learning more about Lumineers and how Los Angeles dentist Dr. Shervin Louie can help you achieve a confident, healthy smile, then contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We have a long track record of creating amazing smiles.