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7 Best Tips To Get The Most Beautiful Smile

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7 Best Tips To Get The Most Beautiful Smile

dr shervin louie dentist los angeles 7 best tips to get better smileEverybody has this wish! To get the most whitish, pearl, and crystal like smile that will make you look younger, fresh, confident, and not to mention sexy. However, such things are quite easier and under our grasp to get, but it requires some regular dedicated workout for our oral health like we do for our body with exercise. So, exclusively for you we bring the 7 most recommended tips to get the brightest & beautiful smile by Dr. Shervin Louie, one of the most renowned dentist in Los Angeles. In this narrative, Dr. Louie gives his best advice on how to get that dream-like bright confident smile which will make you the center of attraction everywhere you go. Mind you! These 7 best tips will force you to become a responsible person about your oral health and things that are regularly needed to keep it in an admiring state so proceed with caution now.

Daily Brush -:

This is the holy grail of oral health. It is also the oldest and proven time-tested method which alone has an impact rate of up to 50% success in getting the best smile ever. Regular brushing either once or twice a day keep all the bacteria’s in your mouth away. It also helps clean all the inner surface of your mouth such as gums, tongue, skin walls, etc. It freshens your breath and eliminates bad breath and save you from a tremendous humiliation while talking to someone. There is just more to the brushing story but for now, brush once or twice a day for at least 2 – 3 minutes to get the role-model smile.

Eat What Is Beneficial For Health -:

In other words, eat a healthy diet simply. The best for the oral health are those that are super-rich in calcium and the dairy products. Calcium makes bones/teeth stronger while Vitamin-C fruits increase overall oral health. Make sure your intake of such a diet should be a lot in your daily routine to get the best smiling features.

Woman with Beautiful Smile

Strictly Keep Away From Smoking Or Other Types Of Bad Substances -:

“Smoking kills! Not only your oral organs, but it kills you completely as a human being,” says Dr. Shervin Louie to his patients and audiences alike. Everyone in the world of medical science today is convinced on one thing that smoking, and or using other harmful substances, can drastically devastate a person’s oral health as well as it can cause life-threatening ailments such as cancer. An individual who smokes is four times prone to develop oral cancer than the non-smoker. Additionally, taking harmful beverages like alcoholic wine can also take away your dream of having that shiny smile of yours since it devastates oral health just like smoking. Solution? Stay away from these things.

Occasionally Go For Oral Checkup -:

Going to a dentist should be on your to-do-list at least twice a year. For the residents of Los Angeles, Dr. Shervin Louie would be honored to serve you for any dental needs. He is among one of the most reputed dentist in Los Angeles. Going to a dentist ensures safety for you before you got stuck in a worse situation. It can be as worse as to lose a few teeth from your mouth, and that would be something you do not want to suffer, right? A dentist will examine your oral condition and provide you recommendations if there is any for the betterment of your mouth. It will save you from getting caught up in an oral disease before its late to take any action to prevent it.

Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Flossing Can Do The Remote Trick -:

Dr. Shervin Louie of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry Los Angeles says that regular flossing is a habit which will ensure that the bacteria are widely dealt with in the remotest parts of your teeth where a brush cannot reach. Flossing is good when done once a day at least before bedtime so that all of the food particles stuck between your teeth are gone completely. This will save the teeth and gums while you sleep and bacteria will not attack them.

Cosmetic Treatment -:

This way is one of the best to bring on that beautiful smile of yours right back at its place. Cosmetic treatment can heal stained, crooked, or even missing teeth by repairing or putting a replacement in its place. Cosmetic dentistry is a science in itself and the heaps of cosmetic procedures we have today for the maintenance of our oral condition is a blessing. Ask your dentist about which cosmetic dental treatment should be best for your mouth and go for it.

Beautiful Smile

Natural Teeth Whitening -:

Mother nature is the most influential producer for all of our needs; we can assure you of this statement in all confidence. Therefore, there are many natural solutions to whiten up your teeth but the one which is personally preferred by the renowned Dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Shervin Louie, is to do a coconut oil rinse over your teeth. The essence lies in the lauric acid found in coconut oil which is an enemy of plaque-developed bacteria in your mouth. It also increases gum and overall oral hygiene of your mouth. Just apply a tablespoon of oil onto your teeth and let it be there for at least 15 – 20 minutes before you brush. See the result after a few days of responsible habit.

The Final Word ….

So, are these 7 best tips for the best smile better or laziness? That is a question whose answer lies in your action, but as far as the honest and free advice is concerned, Dr. Shervin Louie of Los Angeles has done more than his bit. So make the most out of these best tips for a brighter smile.