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Best Night Time Dental Hygiene Guidelines

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Best Night Time Dental Hygiene GuidelinesOral health and shiny smile are synonyms to each other. You have to follow a very responsible caring routine for the maintenance of your oral health not just when you start your day but by the time you end it as well. Specifically speaking for the nighttime when your whole body is at rest, rest assure that this is perhaps the most active time for the bacteria’s in your mouth for waging their war on your teeth. If careful measures are not taken regularly before going to sleep, it can cost you your precious oral beauty and strength. Therefore, coming right from the expert advice of Dr. Shervin Louie (well-known Dentist of Los Angeles) are a few best night time dental hygiene guidelines exclusively to protect your teeth and to maintain your oral hygiene even while you are snoring in deep sleep. So let’s see what is it we need to do.

Brush Before Your Sleep

When it comes to dental care and hygiene, nothing equals the impact and importance which daily brushing of your teeth has. There are numerous benefits, not only in the morning but at night as well of brushing your teeth before you go to bed. First off, it cleans and eliminates the growth of plaque and tooth decay, both of which can are highly liable to develop during the time you sleep.
When we are sleeping, our body stops producing saliva and our mouth becomes dry. A dry mouth is like a heaven where bacteria’s can develop quite rapidly.

In such an environment, they reproduce fast and look out for nourishment (food stuck between teeth) and pounce on them like a hungry lion. If your brush before going to bed, these dirty organisms in your mouth won’t be able to find nourishment and could not attack your teeth. In doing so, the bacteria’s in your mouth releases Sulfur which is also the cause of getting bad breath when you wake up in the morning. However, brushing your teeth before sleep in a good manner will not only protect your teeth but also helps decrease this bad-breath Sulfur effect in your mouth.

While it depends whether you brush your teeth right after taking dinner or just before bed, one thing has been confirmed by Dr. Shervin Louie that it is beneficial in both cases. However, if you are suffering from any dental ailment then you should best pay a visit to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie himself, and get your conditioned evaluated professionally so as to have the best means to maintain your dental hygiene in the overall 24-hour period.

Using A Mouthwash

Using a mouthwash for the upkeep of your oral hygiene prior to sleep is another good option as well. Mouthwash rinsing helps with the freshness of breath, eliminates bacteria’s, destroys plaque, keeps gums healthy and make your teeth cavity-free. However, since there are many therapeutic types of mouthwash available in the market today; but which ones to use can only be decided by first knowing the condition of your mouth. Usually, a mouthwash does not provide any harm but in some conditions, it can cause you problems. That is why, often than not, mouthwashes are prescribed by the dentists after reading the conditions of your mouth. They can guide you which type of mouthwash can be used that will provide you protection but not harm. To know about the best mouthwash for your mouth, consult Dr. Shervin Louie in his dental clinic in Los Angeles.

Flossing Can Do Marvels

Flossing is another good option when it comes to the cleaning of your teeth comprehensively. Flossing is an activity which cleans the deep gaps between your teeth where a toothbrush normally does not reach. It is also recommended to be done at least once in a day by all the dentists around the globe. However, flossing needs to be done with utter care because improper flossing can cause serious damage to your gums or teeth, which in turn can become the basis of in-mouth infection.

The recommended way to do flossing by ADA is to use an at least 18-inch long strand, fitted in a C-shape stick which helps a smoother application over the teeth. Apply it carefully and gently at the top of your teeth and hence slowly push it in the gap between until it gets comfortably down in the deep. Now gently rub it back and forth until all the food particles are cleaned in the gap. Clean it and repeat the same procedure every day before going to sleep. In the case of any damage being caused, contact a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, and let the dentist take an examination of the bruise.

Final Word

So, with these best nighttime oral hygiene tips for you, provided by the renowned Dr. Shervin Louie of Los Angeles, you will continue to sleep in peace and still be able to give your mouth/teeth good protection against the devils of the night – bacteria’s –. Make sure you make this a habit of yours and there will be no obstacle coming in between your shiny, bright, and confident smile ever.