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Best Winter Dental Tips For Your Teeth

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Best Winter Dental Tips For Your Teeth

los angeles Dr. shervin louieWe have entered 2018 and it is extremely cold and chilly winter these days. Well, as enjoyable as this season sounds for some outdoor activities and specific foods, you should also be concerned about your dental well-being. People who especially have the complain of sensitivity, winter can be a season quite disturbing. The combination of things that are too hot and cold can disrupt your peace if you have sensitivity issues. Other than that, the winter season can automatically be problematic for your teeth because of the blistering cold effect. To avoid pain and frustration and to care for your teeth throughout the winter season, here are some compact dental health tips for winter provided by Dr. Shervin Louie, the famous dentist in Los Angeles.

Avoid Everything Acidic -:

The first thing is to eliminate all those drinks from your intake that contains acidic elements in it. In extremely cold weather drinking beverages that are high in acidic content can cause harm to your tooth enamel and exposes your tooth’s inner tubes to the bitter cold. This causes pain and chilly sensation in your teeth. So, the best way is to avoid acidic drinks altogether, and not only in winters if you want to eliminate the issue of sensitivity for good.

Use A Sensitivity Toothpaste -:

It is better in chilly winter to use a sensitivity toothpaste, even if you do not have any sensitivity issues. One good reason for this practice is that the sensitivity toothpaste blocks whatever pores are opening in your teeth and may help in avoiding sensitivity issues in future. Cold weather is one of the most suitable conditions in which sensitivity may develop rapidly. Therefore, apply some of this specific toothpaste onto your teeth throughout the winters and you will be at ease always.

Use Soft-Bristles Toothbrush -:

“To avoid the enamel of your teeth getting battered, use a soft-bristled toothbrush with applying soft pressure as well,” recommended by the famous dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie. Brushing aggressively is one of the main causes for sensitivity, and it is more harmful in cold weather. Be gentle on your teeth and gums as you don’t want to give them pain during winter times because it will be doubled then.

Winter Dental Tips

Do Not Take Foods That Are Too Hot Or Cold -:

In order to take a proper care of your teeth in winter season make sure you do take foods that are too hot and cold. Take foods and drinks when they are at a moderate temperature. Extreme changes in your tooth’s temperature, especially in cold weather, sends a chill throughout your teeth. Therefore, to best avoid the frustration and painful sensation, consume foods and drinks on a moderate temperature.

Guard Your Teeth Against Grinding (Bruxism) -:

The final thing to note in this list of winter dental care tips is to guard your teeth against grinding or scientifically known as Bruxism. This is a condition in which people grinds their teeth unknowingly while in sleep or in anger, mostly in the former scenario, though. The friction that is caused by grinding can be harmful in various ways to your teeth. It can first of all damage enamel and cause sensitivity while on the maximum side it can cause slight injury to your teeth as well. Visit your dentist in Los Angeles and ask for a mouthguard, which will be fitted onto your teeth so that you can sleep in peace and your teeth are safe from any dangers.