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Bruxism: Teeth Grinding

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Have you ever found yourself grinding your teeth? Maybe even clenching? It may not seem like a big problem now but as you get older it can cause some major damage to your teeth!

Why? Usually can be caused by stress and anxiety. Missing, and abnormal bite, crooked teeth plays a big toll as well. A lot of patients don’t even know they grind their teeth because it occurs when they’re sleeping.

How do I find out if I grind? Since it happens when you are asleep, you might wake up to constant dull headaches or sore jaw indicates of Bruxism. Often times patients find out that they grind their teeth by loved ones who hears them grinding at night. Best way to figure out if you grind is ask someone to observe you sleep.

Is it harmful? Chronic (long term) grinding can cause your teeth to loosen, tooth loss and in some case fractured as well. It’s not a pretty sight as well, your enamel will be grinded down and your teeth will become short. When this happens you will need major dental work done, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), bridges, implants, crowns, and dentures.

How to STOP? You can come in and see Dr. Louie the best dentist in LA and he can fit you with a mouth guard that protects your teeth from grinding when you sleep. Ask us more about this topic and we will be more than happy to get back to you, call us today and don’t wait!