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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth

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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth

Dealing With Wisdom Teeth dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin LouieWisdom teeth are actually the last and third molar pair of teeth which erupts on each upper and lower side of your jaws in the most backward region. Generally, Wisdom teeth start to appear after the age of 18 and are the final teeth to appear in your mouth. Since most of the teeth we have emerged between our infancy to early teenage, we may not know what a tooth pain really is except for the fact that our teeth got damaged due to an injury or a disease when we are conscious enough of the pain. So, when Wisdom teeth appear at the age of 18 or in our early/late 20s, it gives us utter discomfort and pain as the teeth growth is very slow and often halting for days at a stage. If you have complaints of immense pain in your upper or lower jaws because of the emergence of a Wisdom teeth, here are some guidelines by the famous dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie on how to find your desired comfort zone during this painful condition.

How Wisdom Teeth Grow & The Pain Factor

The growth of Wisdom teeth is like any other teeth in your mouth, bursting their way out of your gums and often at an incorrect angle which causes immense pain to the person. This thing known as impaction which causes the teeth in front of your Wisdom teeth bend and becomes a problem for your dental hygiene. ADA has also said that the growth of Wisdom teeth could also bring other serious issues such as infection or lumps in your mouth. The need for a professional dental assistance in such a crucial time is almost mandatory.  Your dentist in Los Angeles can guide you about what kind of treatments are at your disposal to find comfort or completely eliminate the pain related to Wisdom teeth.

Some Ways With Which Wisdom Teeth Pain Can Be Eradicated

There are multiple ways available in modern dentistry that can help you eventually eliminate the pain and remove altogether the unnecessary Wisdom teeth. So, here are some of the dental methods mentioned by renowned Dr. Shervin Louie of Los Angeles.

The Use Of Benzocaine -:

Benzocaine gels are a sure way to heal and numb the pain caused by the growth of a Wisdom teeth and it is an extremely comfortable way to keep yourself going throughout the painful tenure. Benzocaine gel products can be found easily in the marketplace. Apply the gel on the protruding Wisdom teeth area on the gums. It will numb the area and eliminate the pain much so as to make it bearable. Use a dry cloth to clean the place before applying it to get the best results.

Use Pain Killer -:

The use of such safe pain killers like Ibuprofen can help as well in eliminating the pain caused by the protruding Wisdom teeth. However, use all medicines with the advice of your dentist and according to the guidelines given on the package. It will always serve as a good alternate method to make your tooth related pain bearable for you.

Salt Water Mouth Rinse -:

Another possible way to relieve from the Wisdom teeth related pain is to take salt water sore mouth rinses regularly. To make such a mouth rinse, mix two teaspoons of salt in a cup of warm water and stir it to dissolve completely. Once it is done, swish the antidote in your mouth for at least half or a whole minute before you spit it out. Do this as much as you feel comfortable to eliminate the pain caused by protruding Wisdom teeth.

So, these are some of the ways with which you can counter the pain created by the growing Wisdom teeth in your mouth. However, one other is to surgically remove the teeth altogether but that should proceed with caution. You need to find a competent and reliable dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, to provide you with this solution of surgically removing your Wisdom teeth.