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Dental Problems Can Make You Look More Aged

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Having a bright and healthy full smile has always been considered a sign of youthfulness, no matter your actual age.

Unfortunately, most people don’t keep up good dental habits and the negative impact accumulates over time. Ultimately, unless a dentist intervenes, many lose their teeth and end up wearing full dentures, which not only do not allow optimum chewing and clear speaking, but do not provide the support for the facial muscles, making these individuals look older than they really are.

The roots of these problems go back to the fact that few of us grew up being taught just how important oral health was. The prevention of cavities was emphasized, which wasn’t too hard to do with even basic brushing and flossing (though dental caries, as they are technically known, are still the second most common disease, next to the even more common cold).

But even most American adults don’t fully recognize the danger of periodontal bacteria–the sticky film that develops around food particles that are not completely cleaned off each day. Allowed to flourish, the infected gums eventually pull away their support for teeth. Once a single tooth is missing, the others nearby naturally lean in to fill the gap, causing a chain reaction that leads to them also becoming loose. Some 69% of Americans aged 35-44 have already lost at least one tooth and by 75 or older, 26% have no teeth left.

Fortunately, Dr. Shervin Louie and his team are recognized leaders in keeping patients healthy and looking youthful when they smile. It is never too late to learn how to prevent the loss of further teeth and to replace them so that no one will know that you did not always look so vital. 

Step one is to be sure you brush for two full minutes after breakfast and dinner, then floss thoroughly before bedtime. If you aren’t sure of the exact technique, ask your dental hygienist to show you.

Second, if you continue to have cavities and gum disease, come in for a professional cleaning more often, since your hygienist has special tools and techniques that will remove even hardened tartar (which is what plaque becomes when it is not cleaned off effectively). Ask for advice on whether a water pik, a small brush for cleaning tight spaces, or a dentist-grade mouthwash would help.

Third, be sure to have a full examination by Dr. Louie twice a year, including a digital x-ray (which involves minimal radiation and can reveal the health state of the jawbone, catching infections there before the teeth that are rooted in it are undermined).

In the event you do lose some teeth, we can provide dental implants that are a perfect match for the ones you still have, so that no one will ever know some were once missing. And best of all, implants stop the erosion of the jawbone, while dentures have to be adjusted about every five years because bone continues to be lost. 

Set an appointment today to find out your best options to keep your face looking youthful.

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