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Holiday and Christmas Season: Some Useful Dental Tips For You

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Useful Dental Tips For You dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin LouieFirst of all, a very happy and belated holiday season wish for all of our valued readers here. Now, moving on further, let us come to the core of our subject since it is our priority wish to increase your knowledge first and foremost about your dental hygiene and health. Holiday and Christmas season comes once each year and brings about numerous things for us to be happy, comforted, relaxed, and feel peace in our lives. However, while we are mostly far away from our professional liabilities and responsibilities at this time of the year, yet we are still not allowed to venture far enough in our enjoyments that we completely overlook and disregard our duty when it comes to being safe and healthy.

The process of nature does not stop outside, or within our body, so we need to be alert and on-guard like always in order to maintain our healthy lifestyle and habits. On holidays and Christmas seasons, procuring and maintaining our dental health needs exclusive attention and care. Therefore, with the courtesy of the renowned dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie, here are some great and useful dental tips for Holiday & Christmas season 2016 which are a must for you to follow, if you are concerned and do care for your bright and shining smile. Let us begin then!

Some Useful Dental Tips For Holiday & Christmas Season 2016 -:

Avoid The Consumption Of Soda:

Holiday & Christmas season brings with it a plethora of different types of parties from family, friends and other acquaintances. These parties are often rife with an excessive range of sodas, an acidic sugary drink which can cause mutilation to your teeth. But if the situation forces you to drink some, drink it with the help of a straw instead of gulping it down directly by putting the glass to your mouth. This will keep the exposure of your teeth minimal against the sugary acid.

Control The Consumption Of Wine:

It is much better for you to stop if you can for the betterment of your overall body health. However, if you need to drink wine then make sure you don’t exceed above moderate level because too much wine stains your teeth a lot. You don’t want to go back to work with yellowish teeth, do you?

Turkey Is Good:

This is perhaps the only Christmas season food which has no direct consequences for both oral and dental hygiene. “Turkey is a food that can be eaten without any worries at all since it provides protein and phosphorus – both are the major molesters of such dental ailments as tooth decay and keeps your teeth healthy,” says one of the most well-known dentists in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie. So, you can eat Turkey on this Christmas as much as you like.

Avoid All Sugary Items:

Sugar is one of the major destroyers of oral and dental health, and holiday/Christmas season is filled with sugary delicacies. The best way to avoid harming your dental and oral health in an overall aspect is not to eat little, but to avoid at all of these substances.

Follow The Three-Step Holiday/Christmas Dental Plan Of Dr. Shervin Louie:

The Three-Step Holiday/Christmas Dental hygiene plan is formulated and created by the renowned Dr. Shervin Louie himself, a reputable dentist of Los Angeles, CA. Here are the basic steps you need to follow:

  • Twice daily brushing
  • Flossing before sleep once every night
  • And rinsing your mouth with salt mouth rinse twice every day

If you follow this routine on this holiday and Christmas season, you are surely doing a great favor for your teeth and complete oral organs. However, please make sure that you only use ADA approved dental products for 100% desired result.

Find The Gems In Christmas Dishes: Veggies:

When you are in a Christmas party this year, no matter how much it tempts you but avoid the temptation of looking at Christmas delicacies and head straight to the plates containing veggies like carrots, broccoli or others. Remind yourself that you are doing this on behalf of your teeth which will shine and rise if you give them what they require most, not what your temptation needs.

Rush On Fruits:

You can rush on fruits available on Holiday and Christmas season’s menu. There are several fruits found on our Christmas and holiday parties and we can succumb to them instead of seeking sweet desserts. “Most of the fruits contain a vital health nutrient for teeth which is known as Vitamin – A, and its use will make fight the oral germs ready to erode your teeth away,” says the dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie.

So, by following the tips mentioned above can give you a greater dental and oral sanctity on this holiday and Christmas season. Enjoy your Christmas and holiday with your loved ones, just with little care and responsibility.