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How To Keep Dental Hygiene On This Holiday Season

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How To Keep Dental Hygiene On This Holiday Season

Keep Dental Hygiene On This Holiday Season dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin LouieFirst of all, a happy holiday & Christmas season 2016 to all of our readers here. Now, coming onto the focal subject of this narrative, which is how you should keep your dental hygiene and a healthy smile on Holiday season 2016. Holiday, along with the prestigious & holy event of X-Mas, is a time of year in which we join with our family & friends to spend cozy evenings in a chilly weather, and sunny days to plan home-based gatherings with our loved ones. Off course the effect of chilly Winter, along with the delicacies usually served in Holiday & Christmas season, requires our due and keen attention towards maintaining a good dental hygiene as well. Having a healthy smile and proper dental hygiene is as important for you as all other intrigues of Holiday season 2016. Therefore, with the expert guidance taken from the renowned dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie, here are some great and flexible ways with which you can maintain a good dental hygiene and a beautiful healthy smile on this Holiday & Christmas season in 2016.

Great Tips To Maintain Dental Hygiene & Beautiful Smile In Holiday Season 2016

Enjoy Delicacies, But In Limits -:

It is very easy for us to forget about our dental limitations whenever an occasion arrives such as the annual Holiday & Christmas season. While you certainly have the right to enjoy as much as you want, but being little responsible and careful in the consumption of Holiday & Christmas delicacies will only result in a good dental health and shining healthy teeth. So, make sure you keep a good check on your consumption of sugary delights such as pastries, trifles, or cakes. Also, avoid having excessive drinking of citric juices or alcohol. All of these mentioned items can certainly harm your teeth by developing plaque, harmful bacteria, and eventual tooth decay.

Follow At Least The Basics Of Home Dental Practices -:

This means that you should at least not forget to have regular brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. Even if you cannot abide by a routine of mouth rinsing, make sure you at least do brushing and flossing regularly. The best routine on this Holiday season should be to brush early in the morning and to floss and brush before sleeping at night. If you would like to go a little further, a mouth rinsing habit may also provide great benefit in procuring great dental hygiene. As it is being said by Dr. Shervin Louie, the famous dentist in Los Angeles, “A three-way routine works best in Holiday season such as brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing for complete protection of your dental organs and to maintain a beautiful smile.”

High Water Consumption -:

While excessive water intake is always better, not only for dental but the overall body health. However, in the specific Wintery Holiday & Christmas season, high water consumption will not only ensure complete body activeness but extremely healthy and shining teeth. Plus, excessive water intake will get rid of bad breath and you will not end up getting embarrassed in front of others at Holiday or Christmas parties this year.

Play Safe & Sound -:

It is quite normal for people to spend their Holidays on exciting Holiday destinations around the world where they may engage in various types of physical sports. So, you can fully enjoy whatever sports you like but with a little care and concern for your teeth. Avoid getting involved in such kind of sports where there are chances of getting a facial injury, which will surely not be a good thing during a trip to a Holiday destination. “Sports that are most likely to cause facial injuries should need to be avoided on Holiday trips because often an immediate dental aid is hard to find at such locations, as well as a person is subjected to a prolong precautionary habits, ruining the joy of a Holiday trip,” a worthy statement by famous Los Angeles dentist Dr. Shervin Louie.

Pay A Visit To Your Dentist Before & After Holiday Trips -:

It is very crucial that before going on to a Holiday trip to anywhere in the world, pay a visit to your dentist so that you may know about the condition of your dental health and what should be avoided when you are abroad. Likewise, when you come back home after your long trip, go again to your dentist so that they can ensure if your dental hygiene is at its best. Although, if you follow the tips mentioned above, it is most likely that your dental health will be at its best with a shining and confident smile even when you get back to work.

Don’t Forget To Stay Relaxed & Mediate A Bit -:

Avoiding stress and staying relaxed with a bit of meditation should need to be a little part of your enjoying routine on this Holiday season. Stress, combined with little to no mental/physical exercise, can take a grave toll on your bodily & dental health in just a few days. Therefore, don’t forget to pay your attention to staying relaxed and doing a bit of physical/mental exercises.

Never Use Your Teeth As Tools, Even On Holidays -:

Since it is a very common but a bad dental habit, everyone should avoid using their teeth as tools for ripping things apart or grinding Ice cubes. Normally, kids tend to this practice more in Christmas seasons where they receive several presents from their elders (not sure about Santa, though) and use their teeth to rip off the cover. Both adults and kids should avoid using teeth as tools on this Holiday season, as well as for the rest of the life because it is extremely harmful to our fragile teeth and destroys their enamel, promoting teeth sensitivity issues and making teeth injury prone.

So, make sure you follow these guidelines on Holiday and Christmas season 2016, and beyond, so that you can peacefully enjoy and cherish happy moments with your loved ones without any suffering or pain.