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Immediate Remedies To Deal With Oral Emergencies

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Immediate Remedies To Deal With Oral Emergencies

immediate remedies for dental health damageAn oral emergency can happen at any time anywhere. An oral or dental emergency may refer to any sudden damage caused to your teeth, gums, and or any organs in your mouth such as the tongue. In some cases, immediate remedies done at the time of the damage can help significantly to eliminate its effect on your dental health. However, there are some other types of damages which take months, or maybe years, to show off their side-effects.

The long-term effects on your oral health are mostly caused by your negligence in taking a proper care of your mouth. Things such as smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of regular brushing or flossing, all of these factors can affect your dental health in the long run. But in this narrative, we are focusing on the immediate damages that can be healed instantaneously by using some hands-on remedies. By the courtesy of Dr. Shervin Louie, a famous dentist in Los Angeles, let’s read about some hands-on remedies to sudden damages caused to your oral organs.

Some Fast Remedies For Sudden Damage To Your Oral Organs -:

Cracked Or Broken Tooth:

Well, to begin with, a case in which a tooth is either cracked or broken, the best person who can give the right treatment for this is a dentist. But it is not always a certainty that when your tooth got broken suddenly, you are either nearby a dental clinic or lives near one. It would take you some time to reach the nearest facility. In the meanwhile, what you can do for immediate healing and comfort (until you get to a dentist) is to apply some cold ice pack on the affected area after washing it with warm water.  This should keep off pain and avoid any bacterial development until you reach a dental facility.

Tongue Or Lip Bite With Extreme Bleeding:

While we eat, drink, or do an exploration inside our mouth with teeth sometimes, we often get a cut inside the mouth or on lips. In extreme cases, excessive blood starts to flow. According to Dr. Shervin Louie, “you should clean the cut and apply a cold compress on it. It will stop the blood flow from the bruise as well as lower the pain.” In the case of severe bleeding, you should see a dentist at once in an emergency.

A Loose Tooth:

If you found that a tooth is losing, this is a case of an expert professional dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, to see and mend. If you get to a dentist within the right time, he/she may be able to save your falling-tooth from complete dislodging as well. However, in the immediate aftermath of such an event, you can take a pain-killer and apply cold ice pack on the affected tooth gently.

Braces Damage:

In the case of a damaged braces, there is no other way except to visit your dentist at once, and in an emergency mode. Braces are made up of hard material and even the slightest dislodgment can cause severe damage to gums and teeth. However, one thing you can, while you reach a dentist, is to keep your mouth as steady and intact so you can avoid damaging your oral organs from the braces.

Painful Continues Swelling:

A continues growing swelling inside your mouth can be the early symptom of Abscess, a disease in which an infected puss grows in your mouth leading to severe systematic infection overall. “This is a serious condition in which a dentist must be seen at once,” states Dr. Shervin Louie, a dentist in Los Angeles. However, in the meantime the immediate remedy you can do is to rinse your mouth with saltwater since it will relieve pain and decrease infection for the time being.

Jaw Injury:

An injury to your jawbone is a serious matter. You should head at once to the nearest dentist or an emergency room in order to get treatment for the fracture. There is one immediate remedy to relieve your pain in such case is the application of ice pack on the affected area. It will decrease swelling and pain until you get a medical treatment.

Sudden Extreme Toothache:

If you are suffering from a sudden extreme toothache, Dr. Shervin Louie tells that the best instant remedy is to rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss in-between your tooth so as to remove anything causing the pain. If this method does not give you relief, you should best see your dentist for advanced treatment of the problem.

So, with all these immediate remedies for sudden damages to your dental health, you will be able to protect your oral organs before you get access to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie.