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Maintaining Your Dental Health In All Ages

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Maintaining Your Dental Health In All Ages

Maintaining Your Dental Health In All AgesThis is true that you can maintain your oral health throughout your lifetime with specific steps/guidelines being given by an expert dentist in Los Angeles. In this article, Dr. Shervin Louie will be giving you some basic advice on how to maintain your dental health all lifelong in three phases: Infancy, adulthood and old age. If you care to follow these guidelines throughout your life, there is a higher chance and surety of avoiding all kinds of oral diseases that can destroy your teeth, gums, and other organs in the mouth. So, let us know what are some of the ways by which you can maintain your dental health supremely.

Maintaining Dental Health In Infancy -:

Caring for the baby’s dental health starts right from the time when a mother becomes pregnant. As stated by Dr. Shervin Louie to all of his patients: A pregnant mother should always eat healthy foods which mostly contains folic acid and calcium. Folic-acid and calcium makes the bones and teeth stronger as well as significantly decreases the risk of a baby born with palate or cleft lips. After the child is born, parents should daily wipe out the gums/teeth of the infant every time after feeding the baby with a soft damp cloth. This practice will keep off germs building on the teeth and gums. Your baby’s first teeth start to appear after 6-months.

By then, you can buy a soft toothbrush specifically built for a such a minor child’s teeth. Brush the teeth of your child twice a day with it, especially focusing on those places where you may see a yellowish plaque or any signs of decay. Unfortunately, a severe dental problem like tooth decay can even cause in such infant children of 6-months age, says Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist of Los Angeles. Therefore, it is best in the favor of the child if the parents become fully responsible for caring for their dental health since the earliest of the times.

Maintaining Dental Health In Adulthood -:

According to an official study, nearly a one-third adult population in the United States suffers from the disgusting tooth decay condition. What is appalling about this finding is that all of those adults who have tooth decay is because that they never cared to visit a dentist to get an early detection and the condition remained untreated. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, you should visit at once to the friendliest of dentist in Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie and he will treat you for any serious dental health concerns like tooth decay. Early detection is always the key in such painful dental conditions to cure them.

Adulthood is a very precious time in protecting your oral health overall. This is the age which is prone to get such ill-habits like smoking, drinking, or even drugs. All of these habits will not only damage your dental health but the entire bodily health as well. Smoking and alcohol are the main reasons for causing oral cancer, kidney failure, lung cancer, periodontitis, and several other severe illnesses concerning oral and bodily functions. To avoid these major ailments, quite smoking or using any other kind of substances that are harmful to your oral and body health. Brush twice a day and use mouthwash in the morning to kill the germs residing in your teeth. You can also do flossing as it is helpful in cleaning of food particles stuck between teeth.

Maintaining Dental Health In Older Age -:

People who live long, if they care for their teeth throughout their life, have a higher chance of surviving their natural teeth. Despite this fact, older people should need to go more often to a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie. The reason is this that older people are more prone to develop oral diseases like periodontitis, tooth decay or several other dental diseases. The dentist will evaluate your oral condition and provide you crucial therapy/suggestions to maintain your dental health. Older people usually suffer from dryness in their mouth, which could be because of other medications they are taking. Dryness is the centerfold for the development of germs in your mouth which can lead to too many dental complications. The one and the only best cure for the old people is to keep visiting dentist in Los Angeles often to keep a check on their dental health or early signs of any serious ailments.