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Reinforcing Your Immune System in a Pandemic

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With the coronavirus wreaking havoc in every corner of the globe, we’re forced to remain isolated at home and brace for the worst case scenario. Until a vaccine is developed, our only internal line of defense against COVID-19 is our immune systems. The degree of symptoms vary from person to person with the most common symptoms being a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It’s good to prepare your immune system just in case you’re infected, so here are a few tips on ensuring your immune system is pandemic battle ready:

1. Reduce Stress

We understand it’s hard not to stress out as we’re forced into social isolation, the economy has entered a recession, and none of us have a timeline of when things will go back to normal. However, stress releases hormones that affect your immune system and can make it less effective should you get infected. There are many ways to reduce stress: try meditation, exercise regularly, and take breaks to clear your mind.

2. Reduce inflammation

There are many foods that can cause inflammation in your body, such as sugar, processed meat, and alcohol. It’s good to avoid these foods so that your immune system’s resources can be diverted to fighting disease rather than food-related inflammation.

3. Exercise

Exercising three times a week can do wonders for boosting the immune system. Spending 30 minutes jogging at a moderate pace is a good approach. If you go too hard during each workout, then this can stress the body and have a negative effect, so keep exercise moderate and not strenuous.

4. Avoid toxins

Toxins such as mycotoxin from mold are brutal on the immune system. Other toxins can also be found in pesticides, chlorinated water, aromatic air fresheners, and general air pollution. Try and avoid these as much as possible so that they don’t heavily tax your immune system.

5. Rest

Finally, get adequate rest. Nothing hinders an immune system more than poor sleep and exhaustion. Times are stressful, but try to keep work-life balance in check as you work from home, and sleep on a consistent eight hour schedule.

Following these tips can ensure your immune system is in the best position to withstand any infection, including the current coronavirus. Stay healthy and safe.