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Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health

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Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health

Some Healthy Foods For Your Oral Health dentist los angeles dr. shervin louieWhile brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth regularly are the essential activities to maintain your oral health at best, but the whole work does not only stop here. When it comes to diet, there are certain foods fit to keep your mouth in good shape while others are not, and that means you should avoid them as best as you could. Dental experts around the world advise and recommends certain types of foods that are enriched with those qualities that can be highly beneficial for your teeth and gums. Therefore, in this narrative, Dr. Shervin Louie – a well-known dentist in Los Angeles – will be advising you on which foods you should eat the most and which to avoid if you are serious about maintaining your oral health. So, let us see what lies in store for us towards a better and beautiful smile.

Here Are Some Best Foods For Your Oral Health -:

Green Tea:

While certain types of teas have certain impacts on our bodies, none can be equaled to that of green tea when it comes to the total health of our bodily system. Researchers have found out that green tea is not only good for overall body systems, but it is highly useful in giving teeth a longer life and cleaning plaque. People who drink green tea at least twice a day shall have lower chances of losing their teeth ever.


Milk comes as the holy grail of all good things for all living beings. So, for our dental health milk provides some great nourishment. It is the main source of lactose and calcium and both of these agents helps promote stronger bones, teeth, and healthier gums. Especially for kids, a regular milk diet can do wonders which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


This is the favorite antidote of Dr. Shervin Louie himself for keeping his own oral environment in healthier shape, as well as all other dentists in Los Angeles. Yogurt is extremely useful probiotic and protein agent which fights off harmful bacteria’s in your mouth and installs a new layer of good bacteria which is essential, according to the nature’s law, for the protection of our teeth.


Cheese is another very good dental protective agent which contains milk properties and calcium. It promotes nonacidic qualities in your mouth and thus saves a certain tooth decay after some time. Kids who eat cheese have lesser cavities issues than those who don’t. According to Dr. Shervin Louie, everyone should eat at least a few ounce of cheese every day in their diet to boost their dental health overall.

Vegetables & Fruits:

This is the greatest medium to ensure an overall bodily health as fruits and vegetables are nothing then good and the best. However, for dental hygiene, you should need to consult a dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, in the case of any dental problems you may face while taking a diet of excessive fruits. Vegetables and fruits are good, let there be no doubt about it, as they boost good saliva flow in your mouth but certain types of citrus fruits can also damage your oral health because of acidic elements and excessive sugars in them.


Raisins are quite good as an oral health diet. They are high in fiber, contains anti-acidic elements, and have a special ingredient known as phytochemical which is antibacterial against a variety of plaques. So, they are a great product of nature to provide precious protection against germs in your mouth.

Conclusion ….

All of these foods, and various others that are not included in this narrative; but will be covered some other time, provides the essential health and safety to your overall oral health. But if you suffer from some serious dental health problems, make sure you do visit a dentist in Los Angeles to assess the intensity of your oral problems. You can also come to the clinic of Dr. Shervin Louie where you will get all of your dental issues resolved in a relaxed and sublime environment.