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Symptoms and Treatment of Gingivitis

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gingivitis dentist los angeles treatment symptomsGum diseases are one of the most irritating conditions in your mouth. They can impact your overall oral condition as well as eating/drinking habits. Mainly, there are two kinds of gums diseases that usually happens to everyone. These two gum diseases are known as periodontitis & gingivitis. Among these two, we are focusing today on the symptoms and treatment of gingivitis. Gingivitis causes inflammation in your gums, which later on progress to a more serious hazard of periodontitis if proper dental care is not provided. So, from the expert advice of Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist in Los Angeles, will tell us about the symptoms and treatment of gingivitis before it reaches the advanced stage of periodontitis.

Symptoms and Causes of Gingivitis

Well, the major force for the development of gingivitis in your gums results from a poor dental care. For example, if you do not brush or floss your teeth regularly, chances are higher for the plaque to develop in your mouth. Plaque is developed through the excess of harmful bacteria’s in your mouth, stuck food particles between the teeth, and or tooth decay.

If a proper dental care is not ensured, it augments the building up of the plaque which will then become solidified around the edges of your teeth in what is known as tartar. Finally, these elements will spark the development of gingivitis in your mouth. But how will you know that you are suffering from gingivitis? Here are some of the main signs you should look for:

  • Development of Sores in your mouth
  • Tenderness in gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding in gums
  • Sensitivity or looseness in the teeth
  • Constant bad breath

And there are few other indications as well but the ones mentioned above are the major ones by which this disease is mostly detected.

Treating Gingivitis

The diagnosing and the treatment of gingivitis is done by a professional dentist in Los Angeles, such as Dr. Shervin Louie, or you any other dentist you may find at your location right now. It is crucial in the treatment of gingivitis that it should be diagnosed and treated as earlier as possible before it reaches its advanced stage which could become more painful and troublesome to cure. Your professional dentist will assess areas between your gums and teeth as well as overall mouth from the inside using a ruler-like tool. A dental X-Ray will also come into place if required.

“In order to treat gingivitis effectively, a dentist run a deep cleansing of your teeth along with prescribed medications to eliminate inflammation and bacteria in the mouth,” says Dr. Shervin Louie, the well-known dentist in Los Angeles. To make the treatment effective and to completely eliminate gingivitis, the patient is also required to maintain a proper dental care at home as well.

A professional medical treatment combined with responsible home care measures will completely stop the disease to progress to an advanced periodontitis stage. The reason why we call “Periodontitis” a serious situation is because when the ailment progressed to this level there is no other way to restore oral health other than an oral surgery. An oral surgery is both a time consuming and painful procedure. So, make sure you take a good care of your oral health responsibly.

Another thing which Dr. Shervin Louie highly recommends in order to avoid the disease altogether is to visit your dentist for a full check up as often as you could. “If a person cannot go on a weekly or monthly basis, they should at least visit a dentist twice in six months, and that is highly crucial in assessing and catching early signs of any serious hazard in your mouth,” says Dr. Shervin Louie, a professionally well-known dentist in Los Angeles. Therefore, avoid all kinds of bad habits (e. g. smoking), brush and floss twice a day, and keep checking in with your dentist so that gingivitis can be stopped right from the beginning.