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Use These Tricks To Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines

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Use These Tricks To Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines

Use These Tricks To Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines Dentist Los AngelesMost kids usually get the creeps when they hear the name of a “Dentist”. But the fact that those innocent souls don’t understand is that their tender age is one of the most fragile when it comes keeping a good dental hygiene. To make a kid fully conscious of his/her dental health, it is the biggest responsibility of the parents to spark an interest in their kids to make them fully conscious of their dental health.

So, in this narrative, Dr. Shervin Louie of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles is about to tell the parents some useful tricks which they can utilize to make their kids conscious of their dental upkeep. So, let us begin exploring these simple and exciting tricks to lure your kids into dental health trap.

Lead By Example -:

Since the time immemorial, the world has always praised and applauded the philosophy of “Lead by example”. Having said that, as a parent, why not you consider to make yourself a role model for your kids to follow? Lead with your example by taking them to brush along with you on every morning and evening.

The first learning academy for every child is their home and parents are their first educators. When your kids will observe that you take extremely good care of your dental hygiene, as well as overall bodily health, chances are higher that they will also become as responsible as you about their health as they grow up. So, make sure you “lead by example” always when it comes to teaching good habits to your kids.

Going A Little Bit Techie -:

“The technical tools that we, adults, use for our dental health, such as electric tooth-brush; can’t we not introduce them to our children’s as something like, say, special “Toy” that will make their teeth stronger like those of superman?” an idea often given by Dr. Shervin Louie, the renowned dentist in Los Angeles to his patients.

Using the help of tech-tools to encourage dental health consciousness in your kids is a very positive way to get their attentions towards this habit. Young minds often take technological things with high curiosity and they feel the pride to own one in such a tender age. Try introducing your kids to tech-tools for dental hygiene and this will encourage them to keep good dental habits from an early stage in their life.

Make Brushing Time A Story Time -:

One of the most feasible ways to lure your kids into regular brushing habit is to make their brushing time a story time. Tell them that you have a great story to tell them if they go brushing their teeth along with you. It all takes a bit of creativity in your mind and a little dedication responsibility on your part to make your kids fully participate in dental hygiene activities.

Bring In Some Visual Help -:

This is one of the most creative and persuasive ways available for parents to encourage their kids for taking care of their dental health. This is a way which Dr. Shervin Louie himself applies a lot at his dental clinic in Los Angeles. By applying the help of visual slides or if you can afford a projector slideshow, you can disclose to your kids a lot of dangers that may happen to their mouth if they don’t take care of it properly.

Latest researches tell us the using graphical and visual elements in your message conveys and captivates the minds of the readers more than the simple texts. For the young minds, this will be something very appealing way and effective to make them realize the importance of dental upkeep.

Final Word …

So, with the tricks we were given by expert dentist of Los Angeles Dr. Shervin Louie, teaching our kids the benefits of maintaining dental health from the early age will prove quite helpful for them in their later years. Plus, it will start a chain of teaching which will go down from generation to generation and help significantly to reduce various dental ailments in a very long-term approach. So, think for the future and play your part in shaping it good for all responsibly.