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Why Professional Teeth Whitening Works Over OTC Options

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Pearly whites are highly sought after when it comes to having a picture-perfect smile. For may reasons, teeth often don’t have the whiteness or the luster. The cause of this ranges from tobacco use, coffee and wine stains, bad oral hygiene, etc. 

While yellow teeth aren’t harmful, they can affect one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. For those who want to do something about it, teeth whitening is a safe and effective option. There are two ways one can approach the treatment, either through a professional or with OTC teeth cleaning kits. While both of these methods are safe and effective, there’s a good reason to prefer a professional treatment over using OTC products.

1. It’s personalized

When opting for a professional treatment, dentists have the ability to analyze the severity (or lack thereof) of the discoloration. This allows them to recommend the right treatment and methods to get the best results possible. Everyone is different and their requirements differ too. Over the counter kits are standardized kits that are mass-marketed and thus won’t be able to cater to an individual’s needs and requirements.

2. It’s much safer

Dental bleaching although effective can have its side effects, especially if one has conditions that they aren’t aware of. While at-home kits are generally safe to use, they are also done in an unregulated environment. A small misstep can cause damage to the teeth. 

When done professionally, teeth whitening is done in a controlled environment by professionals that have years of experience under their belt. This makes the procedure safer. There are also various safety measures that are put into place to protect sensitive areas such as gums from the process.

3. The results are better

The biggest disadvantage of an at-home kit is that the results are highly unpredictable. The results often differ from person to person. Even with regular use, the shade change is not fixed and can vary. With professional treatments, there is a lack of a surprise element. The tools, equipment, and procedure used during the process guarantee a particular level of increase in the shade of the teeth. 

In Conclusion

Teeth whitening is a way to feel happy and confident and everyone deserves to experience this. Professional teeth cleaning is a way to assure that one receives the best of care, treatment and advice before, during and after the procedure, thus making the experience a lot safer and more effective in the long run.