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Dental Fillings Los Angeles

Dental Fillings Los Angeles

Porcelain and composite fillings are a more natural-looking alternative to conventional silver-colored fillings. These materials however, do not possess the strength and durability of dental amalgam and require regular replacement. There are alternatives available in this case.

Composite fillings are mixture of resin and fine particles that emulate natural teeth color. They provide an aesthetic restoration and can be bonded to the teeth for increased adhesion.

Ionomers are tooth-colored and fabricated from numerous types of material. These include ground glass and acrylic resins. Ionomers are used for fillings near the gum line or tooth root to reduce influence from bite pressure. They also produce small amounts of fluoride to clean and strengthen the enamel in the affected area.

Porcelain fillings are produced from a combination of ceramic and glass powder materials. They are used for restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. They are more durable than ionomers but can be damaged from extensive teeth grinding or bite activity.

Dr. Louie is a highly regarded dental fillings specialist in Los Angeles who works with patients to restore chipped or damaged teeth. If you are looking to improve your smile with fillings, please call our office today.