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Emergency Dentist Los Angeles

The sad reality about emergencies is that they can happen out of nowhere. Often, you can’t plan around them or prevent them from happening. But we at Shervin M. Louie, DDS believe that one can certainly increase their chances of avoiding dental emergencies by incorporating a few sensible habits into their daily routine.

Prevent Dental Emergencies for Yourself and for Others

Be active and make efforts to head off dental emergencies before they occur. Many of life’s traumas can be avoided if we look out for ourselves and if we look out for each other.

Tips to Steer Clear of Dental Emergencies

Protect yourself. Wear a mouthguard whenever you engage in rigorous activities, especially any that involve contact whatsoever. A vast majority of our dental emergencies are due to sports-related oral injuries. Stay active, but wear a mouthpiece, just in case you catch an elbow in the post.

Your teeth are not your tools. Do not, repeat do not, open bottles with your teeth or even wrappers and bags. We know it’s tempting and all of us have done it, but this shortsighted practice can lead to significant dental issues far more often than you might think. Chips and fractures are common results.

Develop a strong oral health routine. The best offense is a good defense when it comes to oral health. Staying on top of brushing, flossing, limiting snacking between meals, and brushing no earlier than 20 minutes after meals goes a long way toward keeping your teeth and gums strong, ready to endure the elements.

Don’t skip out on your routine checkups. This is very important. Often we can spot little problems before they become larger, more costly issues. We prevent dental emergencies before they occur. Cavities, abscesses, and tooth decay in early stages are more easily (and cost-effectively) treated than those in advanced stages.

Avoid hard foods. Almonds and other nuts, hard candies, even chewing on ice should be avoided. Your teeth undergo a huge amount of pressure and stress on a daily basis. Avoiding hard foods and refraining from chewing on other hard objects like your fingernails that put a lot of wear and tear on your teeth and your jaw will help.

Our patients and readers who follow these suggestions have a good chance of reducing their risk of walking through our doors with an inconvenient dental emergency. If you do experience any type of trauma or tooth pain, contact Shervin M. Louie, DDS today. Whether you live in Larchmont, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or anywhere in the LA area, we’ll get you on the path to great oral health again.